Rita Wittwer speaks out about Democratic Party of Wisconsin, 2014 election

On Monday October 13 Rita Wittwer, the wife of former Democratic State Senate candidate Ernie Wittwer, appeared on WORT’s 8 O’clock Buzz to talk about the Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson, the curious circumstances surrounding the recount in the 17th Senate district, as well as her husband’s loss in the Democratic primary in the 17th Senate district.

The interview is definitely worth a listen.

While there’s a lot of interesting tidbits in Rita Wittwer’s interview, her assertion that the endorsements of AFSCME and WEAC were steered away from Ernie Wittwer and towards Pat Bomhack at the behest of Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson definitely piqued my curiosity the most.


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4 thoughts on “Rita Wittwer speaks out about Democratic Party of Wisconsin, 2014 election

  1. Totally unsurprised at this story. Just became aware of an Assembly District candidate who paid the DPW for printing of a mailer. Candidate paid full bill to DPW and argued to have the candidate credited in the disclaimer, i.e. authorized and paid for by candidate X, treasurer X. This because the treasurer was a very well recognized name in the district and key to recognition of the candidate in a populous part of the district.

    DPW refused to follow the candidate’s wishes and even though the candidate footed the bill, DPW insisted and went ahead with Authorized and Paid for by DPW, Mike Tate, yadda, yadda…theoretically reducing the candidate’s chances substantially in a tight race.

    Clinging to the illusion of relevancy that DPW sold out on years ago. Asshats of the Month awarded to, DPW.


  2. So does that mean Democratic Party insiders have a special pass for union endorsements? So the experience, ideology, and intentions of the candidate are just meaningless? Sounds like an aristocracy rather than a democracy.

    1. It would be interesting to know how many actual paid members the DPW has and a disclosure of income, income sources and expenditures and also the same for groups such as Progressives United. Their “success,” could be the result of laboring more to create an illusion of power, authority and membership number strength, rather than any actually deserved relevance to claim leadership of anything, based on facts.

      The illusion of actual citizen support could be a huge factor going beyond the limitations of single chairperson’s ability to produce results, but it is precisely the reason that some clear public transparency is demanded of DPW. You don’t get my monetary contribution to join-up without answering these questions prior to knowing a whole lot more of what I might be buying into.

      I’ve repeatedly called for DPW to break completely from national affiliation as a first step.

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