Ron Johnson holds event, only ten people show up

What happens if an elected official (a sitting U.S. Senator no less) held an event and ten people showed up?

I don’t know, but I suppose you could ask Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s first visit to the Viterbo University campus provided students with an introductory course on conservative politics.

The Wisconsin Republican spoke to a gathering of about 10 Viterbo students Thursday afternoon.

That’s just plain awkward.


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4 thoughts on “Ron Johnson holds event, only ten people show up

  1. So much for advance planning. Total unknowns who whish to be president and show up to a coffee shop in rural Iowa two years before the caucuses do better than this sitting U.S. Senator!!

  2. Probably being the latest unanimous choice for the Washingtonian’s Award, “Most Clueless US Legislator” tarnishes one’s professorial credibility just a little bit. Now if the class was entitled, “How to Marry a Millionaire,” it would be standing room only.

  3. Were Day’s comments so off? Why would anyone vote for this clown over the honorable, knowledgeable and extraordinarliy qualified and capable Senator we had? Hope State Democrats find a strong candidate to run against him.

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