Ald. Tony Zielinski’s bizarre anti-streetcar rant

Via Facebook comes this screenshot in which City of Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski outlines his opposition to the development of a streetcar line in Milwaukee.

Image courtesy
Image courtesy

Ald. Zielinski’s opposition to Milwaukee’s streetcar is curious, given the fact that it’s likely to spur economic development along its route (as similar projects have done in other cities), a route which is likely to be expanded into Zielinski’s district in Bay View.

For more information on the City of Milwaukee’s streetcar project, check out this excellent writeup by Michael Horne of Urban Milwaukee.


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1 thought on “Ald. Tony Zielinski’s bizarre anti-streetcar rant

  1. Streetcars are bad because communist China. Weird. This is the type of project that lures in businesses and young professionals, i.e., expands the tax base.

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