Scott Walker Is Not Ready For Prime Time As Proven By John Kasich

At the Republicans Governors Association Conference, a little preliminary bout for the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Campaign found Ohio Governor John Kasich showing just how shallow and how ignorant our Governor Scott Walker is. And hopefully the national media won’t be quite as complacent as the Wisconsin media has been during Gov. Walker’s three gubernatorial campaigns.

It was almost as if John Kasich wanted to reach out and pat Scott Walker on the head.

The Republican governor of Ohio and the Republican governor of Wisconsin were seated onstage at the opening plenary session of the Republican Governors Association annual conference. Before an audience of roughly 2,000 donors, political operatives and lobbyists watching from the darkened floor of the cavernous ballroom, the first fireworks of the 2016 Republican presidential primary went off.

Call it a dry run for the primary debates. Five governors all thinking of running for president were on the stage when Kasich, a wily 62-year-old former congressman, demonstratively disputed Walker’s retelling of political history.

Walker, the 47-year-old conservative star, was arguing that President Barack Obama is more hostile toward congressional Republicans than President Bill Clinton was during the ’90s, teeing up a critique of Obama’s plans to issue an executive order on immigration this week.

During the 1995-96 budget dispute between Clinton and the Republican-controlled Congress, Walker said, “Clinton did not say the Republicans in Congress aren’t going to work with me so I’m going to do an executive order.”

“He sat down with them,” Walker said.

Kasich, who like Walker just won re-election to a second term in a Rust Belt, labor-dominated state, snapped almost matter-of-factly.

“No, he shut the government — the government got shut down first,” Kasich said.

The audience laughed. And then the two men, both of them likely to run for president in 2016, began to talk over each other as NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd stroked his red goatee in delight.

“There was tremendous animosity,” Kasich said, almost yelling, to remind the younger Walker that he, Kasich, had been there himself as a member of Congress.

“It wasn’t —” Walker tried to get out before Kasich cut him off.

“Scott, it was!” Kasich said. “I’ll tell you, when you’re sitting around and we’ve got Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole at each other over a shutdown, it wasn’t easy either.”

Check out the link…read the rest of the story. But I will be amazed if Governor Walker gets as free a hand at telling his own version of history on the national stage as he’s had here in Wisconsin.


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11 thoughts on “Scott Walker Is Not Ready For Prime Time As Proven By John Kasich

  1. Scooter thinks he’s paid his dues with his unexamined free ride on the public dole and now with private investors. Complicit MSM isn’t talking about anything else in this neck of the woods, besides the he said, he said bickering and horse-race political polling. It is all they know how to do. MSM is playing to have riots in Ferguson and want to see blood, the bastards. Ignore issues they want spectacle.

    As they’ve failed to objectively cover the Doe(s), they’ve failed to cover every other actual issue of importance out there. Big dollars to be made, to paint the reality as their handlers pick the color and patterns.

    1. Nonquixote, you’ve nailed the big one when you say the media have failed to cover the John Does. This is real, serious criminal stuff being investigated, yet few outside the liberal blogosphere know anything about it other than the occasional two inches on page three, quoting some Walker lackey calling it a partisan witch hunt. The fake Kock phone call alone should have gored his ox with finality, to say nothing of an ongoing criminal investigation of his campaign.

      I find it utterly baffling. I hope the speculation is correct that the National Stage will be less forgiving of the little weasel, but I really have my doubts. I think he’ll continue to get a free pass. Hope I’m wrong.

  2. Shhh. He’s just starting to get onto the national stage. He hasn’t had a chance to fail spectacularly in front of a wide enough audience.
    Don’t discourage his hopes and dreams. Wisconsin doesn’t see him for what he is, so we need to count on national exposure to do what voters and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel won’t. We need more John Kasich moments before this is over.
    Run, Scotty, run.

  3. Walker expounding on history has to be some kind of bad joke. He makes up history[lies] to match his policy and proposals. Walker and hard facts can’t co-exist!

  4. Even after 8 years Obama has still proven he has never been qualified so anyone after these 8 years will be an improvement…….unless its Hillary. Scott Walker would be a great choice to lead this country

    1. BobJ,

      Obama was elected first in 2008.

      Do you think it’s 2016?

      For when you get to be a conservative: “(Federal) Taxes For Revenue Are Obsolete”

      “Demand Leakages: The 800lb Economist in the Room”

      BobJ, why hasn’t Gov. Walker moved to end the job-killing-government-regulations against marijuana?

      BobJ, the real “job creators,” are consumers with money to spend. You can’t have mass production without mass consumption. That’s why Gov. Walker is wrong about unions and dead wrong about public sector unions.

  5. Bob J do you pay attention? President Obama has gotten the country back on track. Unemployment down, deficit down, created jobs and now yes, a climate deal with China and immigration reform. I am sorry to say but your crook Walker is dumb and he and his gang are nothing but commies and it would be a disaster to see someone like him in the highest office of this country. He really should move to China or Russia the governments over there are communist and he would fit right in.

    1. Please look up the definition of the word “communist.” Far from being a communist, Walker is in fact a fascist, as the foundation for his pervasive criminal behavior. Big difference.

      For too many generations the fascists who sought to usurp our government (and now have) have misused the word “communism” to incite fear and misguided solidarity among the masses toward their evil ends.

  6. Charles, fine call him a fascist. Either way the taking away of the rights of the people is not democracy. I am not trying to incite fear, the truth is the truth.

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