Washington Post: Ron Johnson most vulnerable U.S. Senator facing reelection in 2016

According to the Washington Post, U.S. Senator Ron “Sunspots” Johnson is at the top of the list of the most vulnerable U.S. Senators facing reelection in 2016.

Sen. Ron Johnson starts the 2016 election cycle as the most vulnerable senator on the map. He’s undefined in the eyes of many, polling shows; and he’s running in a state that has gone Democratic in seven straight presidential elections. To boot, there are rumors that Democrat Russ Feingold, who Johnson unseated in 2010, may run. Feingold would start with high name recognition and a loyal liberal following.

Personally, I hope former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold decides to run against Sen. Johnson in 2016, because Feingold certainly would bring the kind of name recognition and ability to raise money that it would take to reclaim the seat he formerly held.


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7 thoughts on “Washington Post: Ron Johnson most vulnerable U.S. Senator facing reelection in 2016

  1. But, why would he? Wisconsin sent him a big, nasty message a few years back, then reinforced that message last week. Money is now speech and one of his biggest accomplishments is effectively dismantled as a result, and he would need lots and lots of money to run in a state where, even as a respected senator, he had to fight hard to win every reelection.
    I don’t think he’ll run because he has more sense than to put himself through that again.

  2. I hear the rumors are just wishful thinking and he has built a new life overseas with a new wife. Wisconsin was stupid to get rid of him and it’s our responsibility to fix this mess. I also think that the rumors are intended to muffle talk of reform. Why change the status quo in the State Party if a hero rides back to save us? Take close look at the source(s) on this one – likely they’re a part of the problem.

  3. I always liked former Senator Feingold but, I’m not anxious for a re-match. Can’t the Democrats get a viable candidate without re-cycling the past. I suggest Ron Kind or Kathryn Vineout.

  4. If Russ Feingold is all we have for U.S. Senate like Hillary Clinton is for President then sure. I do like Russ Feingold, but I also think the DPW and National Democrats need to get some new faces for the future.

  5. I really doubt Feingold will try to reclaim his former seat in the Senate. My guess is he’s looking toward a cabinet position if Hillary or another Democrat wins the presidency in 2016.

  6. I think Paul DeMain would be a Great Candidate for U.S. Senate. This past election he ran for State Senate in a 29th District that as went really Republican. In a statewide election I think he can get a good progressive message out and bring new voters and young people into the process. He is very articulate and has a deep understanding of the issues. Most important is that Paul DeMain will listen to people and find common ground with Republican and Democratic constituents without being pushed around by the big money interests.

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