A Cop Who Gets It

Richmond California Police Chief Chris Magnus drew the ire of his police union recently when he joined a rally in protest of the New York City grand jury decision to not indict the officer who killed Eric Garner and held a sign that read ” Black Lives Matter “.

Magnus was featured recently in an article in Yes Magazine by long time labor organizer and writer Steve Early which describes the  incredible turnaround Magnus has been able to effect in  Richmond, with both violent crime rates and  police shootings of citizens down dramatically since he became Chief of Police in 2005.

Magnus’ response to a suggestion that holding the sign was  controversial is priceless:

“I looked at it for a minute and realized this is actually pretty innocuous,” Magnus said. “That ‘black lives matter’ is something that I would think that we should all be able to agree upon. All lives matter.”


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10 thoughts on “A Cop Who Gets It

  1. Steve, thanks.

    It’s not on par with your example, but this from MPD is encouraging.

    “Chased by man with knife, officers show restraint due to ‘recent incidents'”

    According to the criminal complaint, before entering the home, the first officer to arrive was told by the caller that she had not seen the residents of the home for several days and that loud music had been emanating from an open door of the home.

    The caller also indicated that one of the residents, Martinez, “had mental health issues.”

    The officer, who was joined by another, then encountered Martinez, who was shirtless, holding a large butcher knife and threatening to kill them.

    Martinez began chasing the officers around parked vehicles as they yelled at him to drop the knife, and one of the officers even indicated that she was “beginning to wear out from the running,” before Martinez finally dropped the knife and was arrested.

    The officer later told investigators, “that this was the most frightening experience she has had as an officer,” and “both officers indicated that they were thinking about the recent incidents locally and nationally at the time of this incident.”


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