Court Throws The Book At Voter Fraud!

After years of hearing how heinous voter fraud is during the various debates in support of Voter ID and the later court cases surrounding it’s implementation…it boggles my mind how the lawyer for an actual fraudulent voter says he got too severe a punishment. I mean really, 90 days of work release and 18 months of probation doesn’t seem too out of line for knowingly voting twice. And considering he voted at his regular polling place and also same day registered at a second site and voted again…it’s not like it was an accident or an oversight. It was plainly deliberate.

But there are some interesting side events to this case. First, in support of his case the attorney could only come up with 19 cases of double voting since 1991. And it isn’t inner city reprobates either:

(Assistant District Attorney Bruce) Landgraf agreed that (Todd M.) Murray came to court with positive social attributes, but also noted that the typical double-voting defendant in Milwaukee County had similar demographics — suburban male, educated, not politically active, with a good job and no criminal past.

Oops. Not what we have lead to expect if we listen to the folks in Madison simmering under the dome.

And just for the record, the article ends with a short synopsis of other voting irregularities that have been prosecuted:

Almost all the cases of double voting involve the same person casting ballots in more than one place, not casting one vote as themselves and another in someone else’s name, though that has happened.

The most recent case involves a Shorewood man charged with both forms of double voting. Robert Monroe has entered an insanity plea and his case is on hold while he undergoes a competency evaluation.

A 28-year-old man who said he was drunk and high when he voted twice got six months, and a 56-year-old man who was found guilty by a jury of voting twice was sentenced to 9 months for that and lesser voting violations to which he pleaded guilty.

The only one of these items that might have been prevented by Voter ID would be Mr. Monroe who voted using someone else’s name. But he’s pleading insanity.


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3 thoughts on “Court Throws The Book At Voter Fraud!

  1. Lefties, ye of little faith! Voter fraud is rampant in Milwaukee and Mad /city, read teh Milwaukee police report.

  2. Dohnal, your very own Attorney General JB Van Hollen has spent considerable time and resources during the elections that have occurred on his watch and has come up with NADA, ZIP, ZILCH…so please come up with teh (sic) Milwaukee police report that shows otherwise.

  3. dohnal……………please present the facts as all the state legislators were asked to present the evidence they had in their possession of vote fraud and not a single legislator had one piece of evidence in their hands. They desperately need the facts that you possess.

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