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  1. Shame, shame, you’re setting another troll trap and at such a late hour. Chris/chris is already drunk screaming at Emma on the other page while she’s probably at work or resting up for her next shift. 😉

    Hoping Zach is collecting a google check for the clicks. Nice to see the four amigos contributing to a progressive cause.

      1. I counted Dohnal and lower case “chris” to get four. The common trait of missing the reply button has me again thinking, “sock puppet parade” simply to flood the board and derail discussion. Hammers, no clue, never a link to a source is there? Maybe “they’re,” being influenced by the spirit of that 1960’s civil rights movement classic. Sensible small ‘d’ humanitarian decency and reasonableness may be rubbing off on them/him, they/he can’t resist hanging around here, obviously longing for more than fulfilling social justice patterns to life:

        1. sorry typo: …for more than fulfilling social…

          We had some better allegorical protest music to tap our toes too, back in the day. I almost posted the sub-titled version for the obviously hard of hearing trolls. enjoy!

  2. Well that’s 10 minutes I can’t get back. I am not into racial solidarity. The guys a loon. Am I supposed to defend him or something? What is your point?

    1. Denis,

      You wrote: “Well that’s 10 minutes I can’t get back. I am not into racial solidarity. The guys a loon. Am I supposed to defend him or something? What is your point?”

      Thanks for “hammering” your buddy chris on “ethnic solidarity.” Now he can’t blame murder of the guy in St. Louis on the ethnicity of the killers.

      Keep up the good work!

  3. Oh non… I do so love you. Went did the racist blood thirsty pig cop only murder in calculated cold blood one innocent black boy that day. Why didn’t he go on a black boy murder spree. How many other black boys or girls do you think he has murdered.

    1. chris,

      You’re gonna like, “The Difference Between Black And White.”

      “The main difference is that Zachary Robinson is still alive and posing for a mug shot after he was arrested.

      Zachary Robinson was charged with attempted felonious assault, corrupting another with drugs, assaulting a police officer, assaulting a correction’s officer, drug abuse/methamphetamine, possession of a firearm in a liquor establishment, using weapons while intoxicated, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest.

      At 2 a.m. today, Middletown police were called to a disturbance at Lil Chicago Pub, 402 Charles St. that shots had been fired. A man told police he got into a disturbance with Robinson in the bar.

      The man said Robinson tried to shoot him in the bar but his gun misfired. Robinson then followed the man into the parking lot, fired, but missed, the man told police. Robinson then left the parking lot in a Jeep, police said.

      Police located the Jeep parked at Robinson’s residence in the 700 block of Charles Street. Officers saw Robinson snorting methamphetamine and he handed a plate with more meth to a 17-year-old female, police said. Officers entered the home, secured the residence, served a search warrant and confiscated pills and guns, they said.

      Robinson allegedly assaulted a police office and correction’s officer in the police department.

      To look at him, you might imagine that he could be a lot like Hulk Hogan while under the influence of methamphetamine. Yet, somehow he wasn’t shot dead even though he assaulted a police officer.”


  4. Am I supposed to defend this loon because he is white? Sorry, just not into the whole racial solidarity thing, despite various claims to the contrary.

  5. It is sad that an immigrant just lost his life took a pack off young black thugs near st Louis and you elitists haven’t heard about it. Possibly because it doesn’t fit in your world view. Try checking the news.

  6. I will also echo Dennis’s sentiment here. I could give two craps about the white thug criminal.

    Just please explain why the racist pig blood thirsty cop waited until the middle of the afternoon in the middle of a city street to kill an innocent black boy. And why didn’t he cold blooded murder both black innocent boys. You think he’s was hopin to capture one of then alive so he could sexually assault him? It just doesn’t make sense that Wilson only shot the black boy that somehow got his blood inside of his vehicle. He only shot the black boy that assaulted him allegedly. He only shot the black boy that came running at him… curious, I guess he was only racistly cold bloody murderin one innocent that day.

  7. It seems clear based on all the evidence of other racist white cops or there shootin up and murderin innocent black boys and girls and men. That officer Wilson clearly murdered in cold blood innocent mr Brown.

    What I don’t get is why hasn’t Obama and holder got this guy??? Are they in on the racist cop blood fued as well??? Obama save us

  8. Obama and holder should talk to you guys… It seems like you have all the inside evidence to support a conviction of this race monger.

  9. Tamir Rice assassin judged unfit. Gotta get the news from another country.


    “Officer,” Loehmann slipped on his ass with his gun in hand, as he was killing Tamir Rice. I won’t link to the video again and now this news on the no bill finding in New York for police murder of Eric Garner.


    1. I checked three times and have not seen officer Wilson in any of those videos. Of course I understand that you are implying that all cops are racist blood crazed murdering pigs. That is pretty sad.

      Wilson acted in order to protect his life. He didn’t go out and kill a black boy for sport. You are sad sad sad

      1. Because neither of those links referred to Darren Wilson, duh!

        You are free to claim whatever you want to, but you’ve clearly never understood what I think, Carnack.

        Did I ever mention sport? Show me where, copy and paste the link, the quote.

        The actual sadness comes from the totally unnecessary killing of Darren Wilson, Eric Garner and so many more like them.

        1. Wow, those videos weren’t about Wilson… I’m shocked.

          How do you suppose Wilson picked his target that day to murder in cold blood. You figure he just saw a white person and thought nope… He is white and then saw the innocent black boys and thought hells yeah. Fire em up men we gots us some target practice to get commencen…

    1. Tell me, if the evidence is overwhelming why is there no federal indictment forth coming… surely the powerful Obama and holder can find some shed of something to act on… No??? Weird, it seems like you should get a hold off them with all of your “evidence”.

  10. Well, look who responded to the invitation about not getting the point of the post topic. Hook, line and sinker. Explanations are for those willing and able to listen.

    1. 5:39 p.m. — Feds to investigate, mayor says

      ‘Mayor Bill de Blasio said he got a call from Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch — says “they made clear” full investigation by federal officials will move forward in Eric Garner case. The investigation “would be done with a clear sense of independence.”‘

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