The Political Environment: The GOP says Obama ruined everything…

This is brilliant!

Here’s what’s facing the righty bench as it starts to take back the country:

* A surging economy, reports The Washington Post today.

The U.S. economy grew at its fastest rate in more than a decade between the months of July through September, according to government data released Tuesday morning, marking the latest sign that a once-sluggish recovery is now running at full speed.

Note, however, that under Tea Party/GOP Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s job growth rate lags the country’s by about a third and the state ranks only 32nd nationally, the Journal Sentinel reports. So good start, Bucky: Molotov!

Plummeting gasoline prices: 

Gas prices continue to drop on a daily basis. In fact, the price of gas has fallen for 89 consecutive days.

* Double-trouble: Low interest rates and rates of inflation:

(Reuters) – U.S. consumer prices rose marginally in September, painting a weak inflation picture that should give the Federal Reserve ample room to keep interest rates low for a while.

Expanding demand for transit, and worse for railophobes – –  development along new urban train lines – – including just to our northwest in Minnesota, says CNN – – but thank goodness Walker and his legislative allies are already blocking Amtrak, light rail and streetcar plans, and all the resulting benefits, in Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin. That’s so proactive, it’s retro!

Millions more Americans now have health insurance. Moochers.


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6 thoughts on “The Political Environment: The GOP says Obama ruined everything…

  1. None of this matters to Walker supporters, though. They’re still just glad he “put the union thugs in their place.”

  2. If union workers are such good workers why can’t they make $$ on the merits of their own work rather than require a politician to decide how they get paid? Perhaps they are not such good workers after all, but jealous people who really don’t want to work, but just want to get paid.

    1. And if non-union workers are such good workers why do they want to ride of the shirt tails of union workers via right to work laws?

    2. Dan, the answer to your question is provided by Pope Francis in his observation that there is rampant greed by Capital or “unfettered capitalism” resulting in a stagnation of workers’ wages or a “tyranny” as evidenced by the huge income disparity, ever growing, between owner and employee.

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