Thursday Music Twofer: Jackson Browne – The Rebel Jesus and Steve Carlson – A Hell of A Time

I had the distinct pleasure this week of seeing Mike McCabe write on his Facebook page that my Christmas song, ” A Hell of A Time ” reminded him of Jackson Browne’s ” The Rebel Jesus ”  so I couldn’t resist re-posting my song next to Jackson’s. Thanks for putting up with me and Happy Holidays!





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4 thoughts on “Thursday Music Twofer: Jackson Browne – The Rebel Jesus and Steve Carlson – A Hell of A Time

  1. I really appreciate the sentiment, but Jesus is not exactly a rebel, considering he is actually the King of the world. He is really not at all happy with his world as it is. His world has rebelled against him. We have screwed up his world. He will set it right when he gets back. Unfortunately his Church– not just the Roman church, but all his churches– has betrayed him, as the man sings. His Church is supposed to be demonstrating what his Kingdom of justice and peace will be like, but its become the worst obstacle in the world to his will…

    1. Ted, Jesus was considered a rebel by the civil leaders and a blasphemer by the Jewish hierarchy at that time. Some still do or that He is irrelevant.

      Man or homo sapiens was, is, and always will be imperfect, some worse than others. Jesus did not promise a perfect mankind or everlasting life in this world.

      I totally disagree with your false theology and negativity. Consider what Ghandi, Mandella, Mother Therese has done and currently what one 16 year old Pakistani girl, Malala, a Nobel prize winner, is doing. as so many others are to better the world.

      Man, get with the program and spread the light instead of cursing the darkness.

  2. SC,
    Be sure and post Sorry Sons a Bitches here for New Years Eve.
    Sure to get folks in the spirit.
    Happy Holidays!

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