What The Heck Is This Doing In A Budget Bill?

From Bloomberg:

Congress is considering adding to a year-end budget deal a provision to roll back safety rules aimed at ensuring truck drivers get enough rest, a measure U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said should be rejected.

What the heck is this doing in a budget bill? I thought Congress wasn’t going to pull this nonsense anymore? How quickly they forget!


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5 thoughts on “What The Heck Is This Doing In A Budget Bill?

  1. Maybe the federal government isn’t good at determining how much rest an individual needs. That said, perhaps you are right that it should not be in a budget bill.

  2. They over reached by adding these silly rules a few years ago. It has really hurt trucking and slapped a one size fits all requirement on a very variable industry. This is a good thing.

    Just because the word “safety” is in something the gubment says, doesn’t make it more or less safe.

  3. I wasn’t commenting on the value of the work rules for the trucking industry…I was wondering why a non-budget issue was in a budget bill. The rules should be discussed and voted on as a transportation bill or trucking industry bill or other appropriate legislation.

    1. Ed, its buried in a budget bill for the same reason lots of other things that couldn’t stand an honest public vetting get buried in budget bills.

      Thanks for not letting the troll with multiple names derail the discussion.

      1. This was essentially a rhetorical question. Both parties were going to stop using budget bills for off topic nonsense. But it seems beyond their skill set.

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