Assembly Republicans cancel fundraiser that violated Assembly rules

Of course Assembly Republicans would try to raise money from lobbyists while the Assembly is in session, in violation of the Assembly’s own rules.

A fundraiser for Wisconsin Assembly Republicans scheduled for Wednesday evening was canceled Wednesday afternoon after Democrats noted the event violated the lawmaking body’s rules.

“Due to an unfortunate scheduling oversight tonight’s Assembly Republican Fundraiser at the Concourse has been cancelled,” a spokeswoman for the group said in an email.

The Republican Assembly Campaign Committee was set to hold a “speed networking” fundraiser scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. at the Madison Concourse hotel, during which donors would be given brief one-on-one time to chat with lawmakers. Think speed dating, but with lobbyists and politicians.

It’s not a new concept — the RACC did the same thing last year. But Democrats called on the Assembly GOP to cancel its fundraiser on Wednesday, calling attention to the rule violation.

Assembly Rule 98 prevents state representatives from scheduling, holding, attending or contributing to a fundraiser in Dane County during a scheduled floor period or a special or extraordinary session if the event is sponsored by a member of the Assembly, a member’s campaign committee or a legislative campaign committee.


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