Assembly Republicans may move to limit debate on legislation

Apparently Republicans in the State Assembly may move to limit on debate on legislation, because less debate must equal more democracy.

Republicans who control the state Assembly are considering formal rules to limit debate, sparking cries from minority Democrats that the GOP wants to silence them.

The Assembly is expected to consider the rules during the session’s first floor period Wednesday. The package calls for giving each party at least 30 minutes to debate final passage of any proposal unless leaders from both sides agree to something different. It also creates a new way for ending debate if time limits expire by allowing a representative to move for tabling all amendments at once and limiting debate on referring bills back to committee to 10 minutes.

Considering the Assembly is only in session for a few months each year, I’m not entirely sure why it’s necessary for Republicans to take action to further cut the amount of time they spend doing the work the citizens of Wisconsin elected (and pay) them to do.


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4 thoughts on “Assembly Republicans may move to limit debate on legislation

  1. Robert’s Rules foundational concept is organized to allow the minority’s right to be heard. Democrats must become savvy about parliamentary procedures and trust that grassroots activists will respond in force to the issues.

  2. This shows how they are willing to thumb their nose at the legislative process and how they believe they know what is best for all of Wisconsin. They believe that they have all the answers and since they have all the power there is no need for discussion, the hearing of other ideas or points of view, nor is there really any need for Democratic legislators to show up. This arrogance couple with their economic destruction of Wisconsin will hopefully direct voters to throw them out of office within the next two years in spite of gerrymandered districts!

  3. Can’t the legislative process be improved by:

    Having representatives call in their vote from home?

    “Fast track” the process even more with Republican sponsored bills automatically passed as majority approved while Democrat sponsored bills or amendments will automatically fail?

    Koch and ALEC backed bills need only to be signed by the Governor to become law?

    Eliminate all public singing within hearing distance of the Capital?

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