8 thoughts on “Cartoon For The Comment Section From The Last Few Weeks

  1. To which I reply, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” The problem, because of the frequency is I am becoming a “divinity.”

  2. Geez, I missed the news steve, details please!

    Another Prosser choking incident unprosectuted? Another Republican legislator plea deal gift from felony sexual assault to a misdemeanor? Our Governor charging taxpayers for a personal outing at Lambeau, all travel and security expenses? More illegal gubernatorial campaign coordination with the Club for Growth pushed to a Supreme Court bought and paid for by the defendants in the case? Our new Attorney General making a ruling in favor of a campaign donor already, like he promised? What is the party of tolerance up to this time?

    You didn’t offer any specifics. Come on don’t hold back.

  3. Steve, I’d like to think we’ve been pretty tolerant of out and out trollish behavior from some who’ve visited this blog, so spare me your faux outrage and indignation.

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