New York Bozo!

This just cracks me up…

On second-and-2 on the Green Bay Packers‘ opening drive on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, quarterback Aaron Rodgers called out an audible that — best guess — had a funny little double meaning.

“New York Bozo! New York Bozo!” Rodgers shouted as he scanned over the defense.

Hmm, let’s see … who is the most talked-about guest of a certain Cowboys owner? Yes, we imagine this was the Packers’ response to New Jersey governor Chris Christie and his infamous red sweater being pals with Jerry Jones and a guest at the divisional playoff game at Lambeau Field, as well as several other big games this season dating back to Thanksgiving.

Yes, New Jersey is not New York, but it’s one fewer syllable. Same difference in some folks’ minds, maybe in all Wisconsinites’ minds Sunday.

As the article notes, the “New York Bozo” audible called by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers may not have anything to do with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, but it seems like an odd coincidence if that’s all it truly is.


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4 thoughts on “New York Bozo!

  1. “New York Bozo” could refer to Rudy Giuliani who has been making headlines lately with his idiotic remarks which some perceive as racist or at least ignorant. Ergo, a private joke between Rogers and his black teammates?

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