Oh look….Alberta Darling has another “bright” idea involving privatization of public services!

The last time Republican State Senator Alberta Darling had a bright idea to have the state of Wisconsin step in an take control of something in Milwaukee County, citizens ended up with the mess that is the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare. However, her history of abject failure doesn’t seem to be stopping Sen. Darling from moving ahead with a plan in which the state would hand over Milwaukee Public Schools to private entities.

Aides for state Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) acknowledge the suburban Milwaukee lawmaker has been talking to stakeholders about the idea of a recovery or state-run district, but there are no definite plans yet.

Just in case, members of the Milwaukee teachers union have been readying a defensive strategy. Under an effort called “Stop the Takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools,” a petition on the site actionnetwork.org has more than 500 signatures of individuals opposed to the idea of allowing “third-party operators” to run what they call “a takeover zone” of public schools in Milwaukee.

Many union members are opposed to the idea of allowing city schools to be overseen by anyone other than the administration and the publicly elected Milwaukee School Board. They say it would open the door for privatization of schools if charter school management companies take over.

To read more about Sen. Alberta Darling’s school “recovery zones,” check out Wisconsin Soapbox’s excellent piece.


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11 thoughts on “Oh look….Alberta Darling has another “bright” idea involving privatization of public services!

  1. My questions right back to the Senator are what are you doing to bring good-paying jobs to the inner-city and when are you going to legalize drugs? Until you bring jobs and men back, the failures will persist and in rural schools as well. My last question to her would be why are you authorizing a shakedown of the taxpayers?

  2. With their very uncomplimentary photo of Sen. Darling, the JS sent a powerful message to an out-of-control GOP attacking local governments. You wanna push this #$%!, see what kind of photo we front-page.

    Hope they maintain that stance.

    If MPS and unions wants better coverage from the JS, labor should consider print subscriptions.


  3. Alberta is at least trying to help thos ekids while the white liberal racists want to keep them in bondage. In 1974 I designrd a plan to bust up MPS into 18 districts cause it was fallng aprt. tommy wanted to take it ovr and others, both liberlas and consrvrtive want to do that. it odes not work. tornton left cause he was stymied tryign to fix it. There are no plans to fix itby tht eLeft in milwaukee. what are the stupid gd liberals goign to do to help thes ekidsinstead of the teachers votes?

    1. That was seriously painful to read, and not just because of the way it was written.

      That being said, the content of what you wrote makes it hard for me to take you seriously.

      1. Zach,

        Not sure if you blocked Bobby (Robert) Dohnal before, but whether WCd is the same person or not, (he formerly claimed to be, I don’t understand why you’re letting this commentator on here to simply disrupt nearly every thread with the identical GARBAGE. Liberals, gd liberals, now stupid. Same on the Zielinki/street car thread. As EmmaR commented a month ago, she would welcome any informed r-wing comment. Oxymoron with “informed comment,” coming from the right.

        As I’ve mentioned before, this type of trolling is purely attempted domination and control, a form of domestic violence, propaganda, it is abuse, to derail discussion, to stifle the left’s free speech. This is “broken windows,” policing of blacks in Milwaukee, this is the r-wing age discrimination directed at the state supreme court chief justice (maintaining power and control through unjustifiable force), this is part of their program just as much as limiting citizen rights to sue polluters, incompetent medical providers or through actually killing WI citizens by refusing public funds to expand health care. Allowing it here is voluntarily complying with their agenda. In a larger context it is class warfare in as much as their are few supposed Democrats willing to stand up against the onslaught of social and economic injustice.

        You neither have to agree or disagree with my assessment, but these people have enough outlets of their own to spew hate and abuse and lies, I sincerely hope you don’t continue to grant them use of BB.

        No War but Class War.

        1. Allow me to express my agreement with you:

          American: “Right on,” nonquixote.

          Englsh: “Hear, hear,” sir.

          French: “En effet,” mon ami.

        2. It’s Dumb Dohnal, and he should be banned like the content-free racist pile of suburb trash that he is. There is nothing but RW radio talking points, and it wastes time on this board. Your New Year’s resolution is to remove these losers, ASAP Zach.

          People like Darling and the rest of WisGOP don’t give a damn about helping kids in Milwaukee or improving the quality of the potential talent pool in the state. They simply want to steal taxpayer dollars from public schools, and give it to their voucher backers. This “recovery zone” BS also centralizes power on Madison and takes it away from Milwaukeeans, and that’s far from the only consolidation of power this group has done and will continue to do.

          1. Thanks for chiming in Duane and Jake,

            It is tough, as the lack of coherent content coming from these, “commentators,” is coming from a person somewhere, and though I SELDOM succeed, I do try to criticize the message more than the messenger. But you can’t have one without the other.

            Every attempt at “bipartisanship,” is met with more repressive action from the right as they revel in their “victories,” again claim that might makes right, turn the screws a bit tighter and demand further concessions, and begin another round of control and abuse of their publicly held positions. Past time to stop capitulating on any level.

        3. If there were a concerted effort to disrupt BB, they would send an adult with a vocabulary and grammar to match. So they are either dissing us or WCD isn’t what he wants to be. LOL!

      2. Please, Zach, “enuf already.” This guy seriously need to go. Over the past month, this blog has degenerated from its former stimulating climate to no more than a losing battle with one guy, using numerous names, spewing boilerplate nonsense. Free speech and diversity of opinion is one thing; this is something apart.

  4. Sorry about entering the wrong email address (I use that one for disqus), putting me into moderation. Here’s the same comment, slightly edited and properly submitted:

    Please, Zach, “enuf already.” This guy seriously needs to go. Over the past month, this blog has degenerated from its former stimulating discussion into no more than a losing battle with one guy, using numerous names, spewing boilerplate nonsense. Free speech and diversity of opinion is one thing; this is something apart. I guess, if you guys want to continue to wrestle with a greased pig, more power to ya. Personally, I see no value in continuing the charade.

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