Press Release About Alderman Dudzik from Milwaukee Common Council UPDATE

If you haven’t heard about the cultural and societal obscenities spewed out by Milwaukee Alderman Joe Dudzik, you can follow the spoor trail here.

But the rest of the Milwaukee Common Council decided that Alderman Dudzik wasn’t going to have the last word…and it might be pertinent to note that both street car proponents and street car opponents signed the release:

Joint Statement from members of the Common Council

January 23, 2015—For Immediate Release

Well thought-out and well-chosen words can heal and enlighten. Unfortunately, not-so-well-chosen words can also spread fear and ignorance.

The hurtful and divisive comments Alderman Joe Dudzik made on a radio program yesterday regarding the streetcar project were baseless and do not warrant repeating. However, we must address them because we believe we cannot move Milwaukee forward by dismissing or avoiding the message they carry.

The message of fear and divisiveness at the heart of the comments is not what we stand for as members of the Common Council, nor does the message resonate in our community. We stand together and embrace our rich and diverse city, built by generations of good and hardworking people, and we celebrate our neighborhoods where people of all colors, religions, and ethnicities live, work and play together. We are united in our belief that our city’s best days lie ahead.

In addition, Alderman Dudzik’s reference to sexual assault — used as a scare tactic in a political debate about a transportation project — is disappointing and completely devoid of any factual basis. Rape and sexual assault should never be used to advance a political position or to stir fear in the hearts of our citizens.

Going forward, we will continue to focus the debate on the merits of the project, in hopes of cultivating an informative conversation about the streetcar. We fully expect our colleagues and others to do the same.


Ald. Michael J. Murphy
Ald. Ashanti Hamilton
Ald. Joe Davis, Sr.
Ald. Nik Kovac
Ald. Robert Bauman
Ald. Milele A. Coggs
Ald. Willie C. Wade
Ald. José G. Pérez
Ald. Terry L. Witkowski
Ald. Tony Zielinski
Ald. Russell W. Stamper, II
Ald. James A. Bohl, Jr.

Those not signing: Ald. Bob Donovan, Ald. Robert Puente and Ald. Joe Dudzik!

PDF here: joint-0123-streetcardudzikrx


The joint statement issued Friday (January 23) by 12 of my Common Council colleagues regarding the comments made by Alderman Joe Dudzik (on a radio program last Thursday — January 22) was on the mark and I agree with it wholeheartedly.

The statement was drafted and released in a very short time window, and at the time I was not able to obtain a transcript of what Alderman Dudzik said (so that I could see exactly what he said). In addition, I was also not able to obtain a draft of the joint statement to review.

After reading the transcript of comments Alderman Dudzik made on the radio program, I am especially offended by the reference he made to Northridge Mall, and I share the strong belief that the alderman’s comments were divisive, hurtful and just plain wrong.

I will be working with my colleagues to ensure that our focus is fixed squarely on the merits of the streetcar, and that our discussions remain on point and germane to the project.


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