Rep. Gwen Moore’s son to run for County Board seat

This should be an interesting race.

Supreme Solar Allah — the son of U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore who was convicted of slashing the tires of vans rented by the Republican Party in 2004 — is running for the 10th District seat on the Milwaukee County Board.

Julietta Henry, the county elections director, said Allah — whose name will appear on the ballot as Supreme Moore Omokunde — turned in enough signatures to vie for the seat previously held by Supervisor David Bowen. More than 200 signatures were certified, Henry said.  

Bowen stepped down last month after winning a seat in the state Assembly in November. 

Henry said two other candidates have filed nomination papers to run. Monique Taylor, a board member of the Social Development Commission, and Solana Ramos also plan to run for the Bowen seat. They had until 5 p.m. Tuesday to submit the required paperwork.


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8 thoughts on “Rep. Gwen Moore’s son to run for County Board seat

  1. From disenfranchising the elderly when he slashed the van tires to picking a friend and business partner like Universal Knowledge to being elected to the county board? I think Milwaukee residence deserve better. Question, if Universal Knowledge really had knowledge wouldn’t he had known he would be caught?

  2. The latest is that the Milwaukee Trolley going through the Couture was inspired by Walt Disney World’s monorail. It’s important to tell Milwaukee’s Lyle Lanley that Downtown is not Disney World. Milwaukee is going to put Supreme Solar Allah in a position of power while Disney World just allows Goofy to roam the grounds.

    1. I use it every time I’m in Seattle despite always having a car at my disposal. – I also take their buses. How about you? Do you travel to other cities and countries and explore and experience what they have to offer? And is it really such a mystery why Milwaukee is considering a street car transit plan? Perhaps take a look at German Milwaukee: It’s History, It’s Recipes, Making of Milwaukee and German Milwaukee (separate book from the first one I listed) as a starting point. What really makes me chuckle about the Wisconsin conservative opposition to this plan is that street cars are in proposal development stage in Oklahoma City where a renaissance is underway in reclaiming their downtown. So you’re for street cars in one conservative state but against them in another because…?

    2. nemo gets from Brookfield to the Crandon area without too much trouble but non-Caucasians possibly getting to Brookfield with less trouble is the only reason that conservatives are against most forms of improvements in public transportation within Milwaukee and especially eventual expansion into areas around Milwaukee.

      1. Actually at the same time Milwaukeeans used street cars, residents of Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, St. Louis, etc. took the train to northern Wisconsin. Imagine instead of driving for hours and hours up 41, 51, 94, we could sit back and read, work, converse.

      2. EmmaR,

        We have used mass transit for a few years when we would go to Vegas. The Deuce was a fun way to go up and down the strip and then we started to use the cat system to get to other places. We stopped after 3 things:

        1) We were stranded on the south end of the strip in 100+ degree heat waiting 45 minutes for a bus that was suppose to come every 6 minutes. Not a very fun way to enjoy a vacation.

        2) The price for a 24 hour pass started to go way up.

        3) We were in Vegas when the cat drivers went on strike.

        Now we just rent a car. It’s so much easier and more convenient.



        You are wrong, again, for so many reasons. The trolly folly is good for some things though. We’ll be playing sheepshead this weekend with a few of the engineers from the DOT including the chief engineer of the Marquette interchange project (On time and under budget!), if the game gets depressing due to bad cards, mowering, or bad splits the mention of the trolley plans brings such laughter that there’s a danger of tears running down legs.



        I really meant to comment on the subject of the post, sorry to have pulled it into the trolley folly. I’ll hold off any more choo choo comments until a more appropriate post pops up.



        1. Oh, that’s nothing. I’ve been on the metro in Paris when the trains have pulled into the platform, opened the doors, and the announcer states in French only that metro workers are now on strike, everyone must get off and it’s rush hour and I’m far, far from my hotel. But I’ve had far more inconvenience and cost from driving and flying in my lifetime than anything metro/bus/monorail/water shuttles have thrown at me. Lucky for me, I also know the best predictor of Milwaukee street car rates and service is to study existing Milwaukee bus rates and service!

          Again I’d ask why conservatives believe this is just fine for Oklahoma City but not Milwaukee?

        2. I’ll be watching the races in Milwaukee as I do around the state. I appreciate the story featured in the posting, a left leaning political activist equal to the right wing voter disenfranchisement schemes.

          On time and on budget doesn’t mean much when considering was it needed in the first place and who exactly benefited the most from it.

          Passenger rail should be under construction between Milwaukee and Madison but Scooter scuttled that. Milwaukee may have considered a more regional approach to their ideas, had that been the case. Maybe Brookfield residents should keep their wider political machinations out of Milwaukee and let those people decide where they wish to head on the project. Attempting to break out and fracture traditional Democratic voting blocks appears to be the only reason OUTSIDERS are interfering with Milwaukee issues. Having already read the link you provided, the Milwaukee or the Walk-da-dog S Jensen, maybe you know?

          Incidentally, your grasp of human anatomical function seems to be slipping. You might be claiming “tears,” but here’s a consideration for the next time you and your buddies can’t control yourselves.

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