Sheriff Clarke For US Senate in 2018?

Last week political operative Brandon Savage posited this on Facebook:

Right now, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is thinking, “why would I settle on running for mayor in 2016, when I could run for US Senate in 2018 and take out Baldwin?” If Clinton is president, Dems have a guaranteed bad midterm. The end result is simple: US Senator David A. Clarke, Jr.

I wasn’t quite convinced and said so:

…I don’t think he can sustain the tea party vote outside of Milwaukee County…particularly against an out stater.

But I think I am wrong…I think he might have a very good chance if this were his druthers. Why? Well yesterday while doing my grocery shopping I saw an elderly gentlemen talking to a friend both wearing their Sunday go to meeting Packers garb…and wearing Clarke for Mayor baseball caps. If he can sell that to old white guys on the south side…he just might be able to go statewide. shiver.

btw: is it permissible to include a sheriff’s star on apparel intended to promote a campaign?


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11 thoughts on “Sheriff Clarke For US Senate in 2018?

  1. All of this is really necessary for Senator Baldwin. She gets out and about in the state at various employers and colleges but I think most of us would be hard-pressed to say what she stands for – unlike Senators Warren, Gillibrand, Franken, Sanders, etc (and unlike her replacement in the House). If she was running in 2016, I’d be very interested to see whether she drew a primary opponent. I hope she turns it around.

  2. Don’t see Clarke running for the U.S. Senate unless he switches parties first and becomes a Republican in name as well as in fact. He only runs as a “Democrat” now because running as a Republican in Milwaukee County is a non-starter. His coalition of support here is unique to Milwaukee County: crossover Republicans and separatist blacks who support him because of his race. Not enough blacks elsewhere in the state for it to work, especially when he couldn’t get the big Republican crossover vote in the collar counties if they had their own contested primaries.

  3. Senator Clarke?? Wow. Not living in MKE, he’s not always on my radar. Thanks for pointing this out.

    Just saw that Sheriff Clarke is going to be testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee this Thursday on the nomination Loretta Lynch for AG.

    Lynch appears to have spent her entire career out on the East Coast, so I’m curious as to what valuable insights Sheriff Clarke intends to impart on the Committee. Have the two of them ever even interacted? Or is this just a chance for Clarke to network with GOP Senators?

    Also just checked out the Sheriff’s official Facebook, and as of 3 days ago(!) he’s still doubling-down on his “don’t call 9-1-1, buy a gun!” public service message and ranting against the “anti-gun left.” Again, just… wow.

    On a much more trivial note, take a look at that press release… Is that not the shabbiest looking official letterhead you’ve ever seen? Yikes! I would think that $80k a year would get you a PIO who was at least a marginally competent user of MS Word. Must be nice to be connected, eh “GOPFran?”

  4. Wish he could run in Michigan!!!

    God bless and be with this man, we need a whole lot more of men like him. We need them in Washing DC.

  5. Will be mailing a check for Sheriff Clark’s race. Just wish he was running here in Alabama. I think he will be pleased at how many “deplorable, and Lord help us, white red necks” respect him and what he want for our country.

    1. The unintentional comedy quotient from you out-of-state basement dwellers is awesome to us in Wisconsin.

      You want Tommy? Take him….if you can pull him.out of the federal civil rights lawsuit he is under, and if he can pay back the hundreds of thousands of dollars he’s been stealing from taxpayers . Much like Char-lie Sykes, his time has passed in Milwaukee.

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