Are New Bucks Owners Actually Putting Up Their Own Money

Recently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article about financing arrangements that are available through the National Basketball Association. And although the Bucks were quoted in the article saying they might use the credit facility to expand business opportunities around the new arena…some of the writing seemed to indicate that the $150 million that they’ve already pledged might be coming from the NBA pot:

A Bucks spokesman confirmed that if the team chooses to tap into the NBA credit facility, it would do so for business related reasons both on and off the court. While a full financing plan for the arena has yet to be determined, the NBA credit facility could play a role in terms of the $150 million the Bucks ownership group, which includes primary owners Wes Edens, Marc Lasry and Jamie Dinan, has pledged toward a new arena.

I don’t know…just seems a little edgy…if they have the $150 million to invest why couldn’t the NBA credit line then be used to complete the deal?

On a side note: it seems a little hypocritical of the governor and the pols in Madison to expect the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County to invest in the arena with $$$ other than the usual infrastructure when the surrounding counties (their bailiwicks) have already voted against regional participation.


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10 thoughts on “Are New Bucks Owners Actually Putting Up Their Own Money

  1. Bullseye!

    How is anyone going to audit that $150 million? What actual construction did it do?

    There are tons of ways for them to write checks to numerous parties (and they’ll claim that’s proof they actually contributed) who then use other parties to launder most of it back to any number of their wide spread financial interests.

    “In San Francisco, an arena emerges with no public subsidy”

  2. I do not think that the people in Wisconsin will send 380 million to Milwaukee Leftists while they spend 150 million or more for trolley and no money for a place fro people to dribble. I have not found any people that back this ideas except for those that make money on it. Are the democrats going to vote for it??

    1. WI Con digest:

      “Modal Transportation Planning
      Principles and Practices”
      22 May 2014

      Abstract: This paper summarizes basic principles for transportation planning. It describes conventional transport planning, which tends to focus on motor vehicle traffic conditions, and newer methods for more multi-modal planning and evaluation.

    2. And I am pretty sure that you know exactly every place in town that will let you dribble.

  3. The Bucks are very lucky to get basketball guru Jason Kidd, who has developed a winning team despite loosing a couple of franchise players to injury. Although not one Bucks player got selected to the All Star game, the Bucks are on course to make the playoffs for the first time in a while. If the owners can keep Kidd, they are ahead of the game and so are the fans…although they don’t seem to care much about basketball in this state even with success.

    1. And the Wis. leftists will be for giving 380 million to the billionaires.

        1. Typical Left cannot even calculate compound interest. What a bunch of dimmies.

      1. And the Wis. leftists will be for giving 380 million to the billionaires.

        Seriously doubt that, unless the Bucks maybe rename themselves “The Packer Jammers.”

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