FCC to propose strong net neutrality rules

This is great news…

The Federal Communications Commission is about to fundamentally change the way it oversees high-speed Internet service, proposing to regulate it as a public utility.

Chairman Tom Wheeler is reaching for a significant expansion of the agency’s authority to regulate broadband providers, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.

The move would fully embrace the principle known as net neutrality, and if enacted, would bring a new definition to the economics of the Internet industry: Rather than regulating broadband firms lightly, as has been its practice so far, the FCC would treat them like telecommunications companies and subject them to more intrusive regulation, especially in areas relating to how they manage traffic on their networks.

A central element would be a ban on broadband providers blocking, slowing down or speeding up specific websites in exchange for payment, these people say. Supporters of the FCC’s position say allowing some websites to pay for faster access to consumers would put startups and smaller companies at a disadvantage.


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4 thoughts on “FCC to propose strong net neutrality rules

  1. The entire for profit business model regarding high-speed internet access should be taken down, nationalized and provided as a public service, much like the original intent of the US Post Office, absolutely minimal monthly connection charges and subsidies for those 29M people of this country that have been permanently put out of work through all the NAFTA-esque gutting of formerly strong US manufacturing, that is still a target of our corporate/state fascist overlords.

    Barely more than a handful of US monopoly media and communication corporations control prices, have absolutely no real competition, and compared to many other countries around the world provide abysmal connection speeds and fail to bring services to sparsely populated regions of the country. US based financial terrorists and the largest threat to a strong country that could ever be created.

    Paid operatives using multiple alias identities continue to be allowed to spew hate with every keystroke, claiming the only reason for a human being to be allowed to exist is if money can be extracted from that person without interruption. Grab a few exceptions to the majority who do pay their way, always to the best of their abilities or circumstances, and demonize them with no proof, as stereotypical free-loaders to prove that tighter repression is justified on the proverbial unwashed masses.

    ® is obviously for racist. We hear yet another version of the mythical Cadillac welfare meme. Total shit spewed from the keyboard. Yes the internet is a right, gaining monopoly status over it carries the other ® that Repressionists avoid like the plague. RESPONSIBILITY.

    1. As you’ve likely realized by now, whitey-®ighty’s mention of the internet being a “right,” was an intentional dig at and repetition of the false liberal entitlement meme. Mine was a a claim that under rules of public monopoly status given to the big six MSM, there is an obligation to provide an affordable level of useable service demanded of the monopoly holders.

    2. They guy with the post just above yours. It’s not even hidden, he leads off with his socialist garbage.

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