Interested in building a stronger progressive voice in Milwaukee?

From my email:

Hello friend,

Governor Walker’s recent attacks on public education and environmental conservation in Wisconsin have confirmed what we already know – our state needs a stronger Democratic voice. To be successful in winning elections and moving progressive issues forward, we need to have a well-trained, well-connected network of activists, staff, and candidates.

DemTEAM is now accepting applications for 2015! Whether you’re looking at running or working on a campaign for local office this spring, or preparing for a legislative race in the future, DemTEAM is a great opportunity to develop your skills and network with other progressives. DemTEAM training helps to build a stronger, more strategic community of Democrats in Milwaukee County to run campaigns, plan events, recruit new members, run for office, and advance Democratic values and causes.

If you’re interested in joining DemTEAM, please fill out the 2015 application by February 13th. Feel free to pass along the application to anyone you know that may be interested in joining.

Together we can build a more progressive future for Wisconsin.


Rep. Jonathan Brostoff


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3 thoughts on “Interested in building a stronger progressive voice in Milwaukee?

  1. Do the Democrats have training programs for elsewhere in the state? Particularly in red regions where training programs are desperately needed.

    1. The DemTEAM training program was created by Chris Larson and Jonathon Brostoff a few years ago and has been very successful in preparing candidates in the Milwaukee area. I should think they would be happy to advise activists who want to set up similar programs in other regions.

  2. Want to make some progress?? toss out the Leftisits that have run Milwaukee into ground the last 100 years.

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