Scott Walker feasts on pricey Filet Mignon while attacking “elitists”

Once again James Rowen from The Political Environment absolutely nails the grand hypocrisy of Gov. Scott Walker.

According to this Politico report, Walker has been attacking so-called elitists whom he says are making hay out of his failure to graduate from college.

Did he run into any elitists – – or take their praise and campaign checks – – when he was at the upscale “21 Club” in New York City on Wednesday night.

According to the tony Manhattan restaurant’s online menu, caviar ranges from $145-185 per ounce, rib-eye steak is $68, venison is $44 and a burger and fries is $36.

I wonder who picked up his tab? Could it be that American Revival is also reviving colonial-era starched-collar dining?


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9 thoughts on “Scott Walker feasts on pricey Filet Mignon while attacking “elitists”

  1. You are funny, hot dogs in Manhattan cost $20. Wait till you see waht obama and the Clintons eat, no dog food for them.

    1. Nice to see you arguing for a 17% across the board increase in public employee compensation. Long overdue, glad you are finally seeing the light.

  2. I’ve said it before: There are so many legitimate things to attack Walker on. Making a big deal about his lack of a college degree is a total loser of a formula. It will completely backfire on the Democrats, if that is the strategy that is going to be continued to be employed.

    1. Maseman, as so many national TV and radio commentators do, they have done little research on Walker beyond an old headline or their current observation. As an example, they cite in amazement his winning a recall election but omit his divisive “divide and conquer” strategy and the gerrymandered legislature which allowed passage of his infamous Act 10.

      Similarly, absolving or dismissive statements by some regarding Walker’s lack of a college degree completely omits his actions in a contentious student election which preceded his subsequent withdrawal or dismissal from Marquette University. This is a vital fact.

      And finally, many marvel at his speaking skills, but are ignorant of Walker’s habit of half truths, outright lies, or omission of critical, relevant facts in his public utterances.

      We Wisconsin Democrats know well “the rest of the story” which remain untold by Walker. I cringe every time the national crowd makes such shallow and incomplete observations on Governor “Doe” neglecting the fact he was surrounded by eventual felons on his former Milwaukee County staff and associates which, if Walker was not complicit, it was a monumental failure of supervision and leadership.

  3. Wrong, Walker’s lack of a college degree is an issue because it underscores the guy’s scumminess and general lack of intellectual curiosity. It fits with the overall theme of why he’s a bad guy. And why shouldn’t we have high ethical and intellectual standards for the potential leader of the free world, anyway?

    Refusing to meet with the Wisconsin public on pretty much any issue (the next unscripted public appearance by Walker will be his first) while jetting off to the 21 Club to talk to the Masters of the Universe in righ-wing bubble world is the definition of the bad kind of elitism – one defined by status over ability and personality.

  4. Nearing 25 years of on-the-job training at taxpayer expense. Masters degree in political griftology and if all else fails, he’ll be able to pawn himself off as a high school teacher when he succeeds in changing the education certification process.

    1. Definition of Baiting: “A provocative act used to solicit an angry, aggressive,or emotional response”

      Using the above to describe Walker’s style, is he not then a “master baiter?”

  5. Speaking of elitists without a clue regarding the real world, read this Krugman article today about who Walker was hanging with at the 21 Club. People like Larry sky’s low, Art Laffer, Stephen Moore, and a number of other right-wing, trickle-down hacks.

    In other words, Walker’s taking advice from the ivory tower crowd that has been DEAD WRONG FOR 35 YEARS, but because of bubble-world and the paychecks these grifters are given by other oligarchs, they’re still listened to by the protected and clueless.

    And Walker’s doing policies to appeal to those guys? I think we know who the anti-blue collar elitist really is

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