Who says life doesn’t imitate art?

In that time of day when the sun isn’t quite up so it isn’t actually day, yet it isn’t exactly night–a pretty magical time I think, I realized that Scott Walker running for President is a lot like that Frank Sinatra movie, “The Manchurian Candidate”, a political thriller directed by John Frankenheimer. Briefly, the film is about a plot to assassinate the presidential nominee so that a right-wing puppet can be installed in the White House with emergency powers that “will make martial law seem like anarchy”. The goal of the conspirators is to bring a totalitarian regime to the United States. In 1962, that was the Communists…today it could the Tea Party-led GOP. Scott Walker, a guy who is plainly unlikeable and uncharismatic is like the brainwashed assassin, who his fellow soldiers (also clearly brainwashed) all say “is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.” Sound like something Kelly Reinfliesch or Tim Russell might say? It certainly does to me. The plot to takeover the US presidency begins to unravel when Sinatra’s character dreams about what really happened when the soldiers were captured and he realizes that they (including the assassin) had false memories due to the brainwashing. I ask you, who has more “false” memories than Scott Walker? Just pick up a copy of his “Unintimidated” (not exactly a bestseller) to see how far he can stretch the truth. While the real life version hasn’t played out to its conclusion, in the film the assassin is un-programmed and kills his handler, the puppet and himself. My hope is that unlike REEL life, there will just be a spectacular fall from grace for Walker that will crush his aspirations once and for all and might involve an orange jumpsuit.

The “Manchurian Candidate” is a fantastic film which I highly recommend taking the time to see. I can’t vouch for the 2004 remake….I am not even sure it is the same story.


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6 thoughts on “Who says life doesn’t imitate art?

  1. Maybe the DPW could be mounting county campaigns to alert all voters to the absolute end of checks and balances among our branches of government if the state Constitutional Amendment to do away with Chief Justice selection through the seniority rule. Incentives would be Justice Abrahamson being able to bring the Scott Walker, John Doe which would be off the table for good, if she is removed from leadership.

    Oh wait, I was speaking of the DPW. So far all I’ve read is concern from a few independents around the state. Budget, Right to repress labor, UW cuts, vouchers, all distractions to the one issue that could actually pull Walker from elected office and power, once and for all.

  2. You’re right. If tomorrow the GOP donors decide what’s best is fully funding the UW System, a strong DNR, and unionizing workers was critical to the survival of capitalism, Walker would immediately reverse course. Notice how none of the wingers ever really defend him? Other than a few at the top, he’s certainly taking it to his voter base now and ensuring they, their children, and their grand-children are trapped and powerless. Too bad but they did vote for him.

    1. This comment gets to the subject of another post, right to repress labor, but you pointed out none of the wingers defend Walker. In a slightly different take, somebody please quote me a single “MSM” reporter who has ASKED the question, “Who is asking for the right to repress labor legislation?”

      None that I have seen, although most political junkies have reported that ALEC seems to be the only constituent every Republican legislator is representing when they repeat over and over the party line, “Well, there is an overwhelming call for right to repress,” and no further questioning follows. The dutiful media class delivers through ommission.

      Sorry for getting off topic a bit here, if there is a topic other than Walker’s too long delayed but deserved fate.

      1. R2W is timed to manipulate union protests and give Walker the credibility with donors leaving Christie. It also deflects attention away from how badly messed up Wisconsin’s finances are after four years of right wing economics.

  3. If Walker’s 3 year genocide-like attack on public education doesn’t wake people up to his diabolical motives, nothing will. We are lost, Progressives.

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