Why does Scott Walker want to cut millions of funding for medications for Wisconsin’s seniors?

The more Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed 2015-17 Executive Budget gets looked at, the more awful stuff gets discovered. Case in point is the $15 million in cuts to the state’s SeniorCare prescription medication program proposed by Gov. Walker.

Gov. Scott Walker’s executive budget would cut $15 million from the state’s popular SeniorCare program over the next two years.

The program provides senior citizens with prescription drug benefits. The governor’s budget would slash $15 million in state tax dollars from the program, resulting in the loss of a matching $15 million in federal funding and $66 million in program revenue.

No doubt Gov. Walker believes seniors are among those lazy folks who’ve become entirely too reliant on the hammock that is our state’s social safety net, hence the proposed cut to a program designed to help them.

Can’t let those pesky seniors get too comfortable, after all.


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