Wisconsin Homeowners Rejoice!

With the news that Walker’s budget will put an extra $5 annually in our pockets via property tax cuts, my wife and I spent all of last evening debating how we should spend our impending windfall. My wife wanted to splurge and get a large, double mocha latte’ with whipped cream at the local barista shop until she realized we’d come up maybe a buck short, and my lifelong dream of buying a six pack of Rush River BubbleJack  IPA was quickly dashed when I checked on the price and saw that we just plain couldn’t afford it.

So, like the responsible adults we both are, we agreed to steer away from reckless impulse spending and decided to purchase a new hand towel at the Family Dollar Store. We’ve been thinking about getting one for a long, long time.

Tell us, Wisconsin homeowners, how will you wantonly blow the Five Bucks you’ll be saving this year?


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10 thoughts on “Wisconsin Homeowners Rejoice!

  1. Prior to Scott our taxes on our homes were going up 3-5% every year, now going down. Cause of public employee greed my taxes have gone from $600 to $6000 in my lifettime. Now we have reversed that trend, so in 4 years instead of $1200 more in taxes every years we are going other way for gain,to me of $1500 year. That is why the Left cannot win. We talk property taxes you talk about Global Warming and ridicule the fact that peoel want to keep thiri money instead of lining the beds of uNion people.

    1. Any chance you’ll take your phantom savings (nice Hollywood studios math, btw) and invest in learning basic reading, writing and arithmetic, Dohnal?

  2. What fool in office and in possession of his right mind WOULD STAND IN FRONT OF THE LEGISLATURE AND THE PEOPLE OF WISCONSIN and expound on the GREATNESS of a $5 a year tax cut. Walker gets all giddy after this pronouncement and nearly wets himself as he shouts: “WHAT ABOUT THAT!” If I ever really do see the 5 bucks I’m giving it to someone in need as it will be the only good feeling this governor has elicited in me since he began driving the state over the cliff!

    1. Hey trademark Steve, I think your brother is commenting here too. Some guy with an email of montreal@hitman.com wrote that he’s going to buy a plunger with his five bucks and shove it up my ass. Tell him they’re on sale at the Family Dollar Store. I saw one when my wife and I were picking out our hand towel.

  3. Under the Left the taxes have gone up 5% every year. Mine have gone from $600 to $6000, so to go down $5 is heaven.

    1. I call bullshit.

      If your taxes have risen by 5% per year as you claim and they started at $600 per year, in order to have risen to $6,000 per year it would have taken over 40 years. If we go back 40 years, Republicans have held the governor’s office for 24 years. What’s more, Republicans have held the majority in the Assembly for all but two years since 1995 and have held the majority in the State Senate for 10 years during that period.

      Your higher taxes are the result of the policies of both parties, and to lay blame at the feet of Democrats is an outright lie.

  4. Zach:

    Don’t confuse WCD with facts. And math is related to science, and those R’s don’t like science at all.

    I’ll share my recent tax history. This year the Tech School portion of my tax bill went down $12, but all the others taxing entities went up. My taxes here in northern WI have gone up every year that walker has been in the office. I have the tax bills to prove that, and can do the math. So WCD can put that in his pipe and smoke it..

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