WUWM report: Marquette economist says there’s no economic reason to argue for right to work in Wisconsin

According to a new report by Marquette University economist Abdur Chowdhury, so-called “right to work” (wage theft) legislation will not benefit Wisconsin’s economy.

Here’s a snippet from the WUWM report.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald announced today that the state Senate will hold an extraordinary session next week to vote on a right-to-work bill. A spokesman for Gov. Walker says that Walker would sign such a bill into law.

Two recent studies make the case that such a law would actually damage Wisconsin’s economy.

One, titled “Right to Work” Is the Wrong Answer for Wisconsin’s Economy, was from the Washington-based Economic Policy Institute. The EPI focuses on the needs of low- and middle-income workers in economic policy discussions.

The other study was funded by the Wisconsin Contractor Coalition, a group which opposes right-to-work, but was conducted independently by Marquette University economist Abdur Chowdhury.  

Chowdhury’s study, The Potential Effects Of A Right To Work Law in Wisconsin, looked at how right-to-work would impact employment, income and other areas that affect working families in Wisconsin.

“What we found is that right-to-work, by itself, does not create any economic advantage,” Chowdhury says. “What is good for the state is its overall business package. For example, if we have an overall business package that helps to attract business, increase workers wages – that would be good for the state. But just concentrating on a right-to-work law would be a mistake.”


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2 thoughts on “WUWM report: Marquette economist says there’s no economic reason to argue for right to work in Wisconsin

  1. It doesn’t matter. Diane Hendricks wants it passed, logic and reason be damned. Is there nothing Scott Walker won’t do for his donors?

  2. A way more truthful name for this attack on all workers would be: “The Right to be a JERK Law”. As always no one can be forced to join a union or to pay union dues, this is all about someone wanting all the benefits of union membership without paying for them.

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