Coming Soon: Koch Industries Aztalan State Park!

At a recent budget briefing, Department of Natural Resources secretary Cathy Stepp said she wouldn’t rule out selling corporate naming rights for Wisconsin’s state parks to help balance her department’s budget.

The secretary of the Department of Natural Resources wouldn’t rule out selling corporate naming rights for Wisconsin state parks on Tuesday.

Gov. Scott Walker’s budget would end state funding for Wisconsin’s state parks, a cut of almost $4.7 million a year. At a budget briefing, Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, asked DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp whether her agency would consider corporate naming rights to raise revenue. Stepp would not rule it out.

“We’re currently not looking to do that now, but these are all parts of the discussion that I look forward to getting legislative input on over the next two years,” said Stepp.

So let’s brainstorm on some of the most interesting/logical corporate sponsors for our state parks.

As you can see from the title of this post, my suggestion is Koch Industries Aztalan State Park.


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5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Koch Industries Aztalan State Park!

  1. I just suggested on Madison Com that all state roadside rest stops be named “Scott Doe Dump and Leak” to honor the efforts of our governor and his DNR disaster, Misstepp.”

  2. State parks not funded by the state. Just think of all the water, minerals and timber suddenly up for grabs. Besides, public parks are way more than commoners deserve, eh Governor Punt? I wish this was a joke, or a bad dream. The state of Wisconsin is being stolen, and an epidemic of brain death in the electorate has caused them to cheer on the thieves.

    Aztalan State Park, BTW, is so named because it’s believed to be the northernmost outpost of the former Aztec empire, an actual, historical reference.

  3. Governor Dodge Caravan State Park…Kohler Faucets Andrae State Park…Devil’s Food Cake Lake State Park…

    1. Ed, wouldn’t it be Sara Lee Devil’s Food Cake Lake State Park? After all, gotta have a corporation in there.

      Otherwise those were some fine suggestions!

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