4 thoughts on “Jelly Belly closing up shop in Wisconsin, moving to Tennessee

  1. If our, “governor,” returns to WI long enough to notice, or his staff reads this comment, I’m sure we’ll be hearing Scooter officially claiming that the result of his attack on a potential cause of obesity is part of his long term health care plan for WI residents.

    See how concerned he is about us, this should balance cuts to SeniorCare, FamilyCare and IRIS and the resulting disappearance of services for so many in WI. /s

    1. I believe Walker’s “long term health care plan for WI residents” is actually a short term approach of eliminating funds for health services to the voting needy and elderly who suffer chronic afflictions.

      His “long term health care plan” for this demographic group is to “eliminate” citizens who vote their health care needs or interests.

  2. It seems to me that Walker’s “long term health care plan” is similar in some respects to the end result from another time and place benignly referred to as, “Endlo-sung der Judenfrage” or in English,”The Final Solution.”

  3. November 2016 here calling.

    Looks like your state learned zilch and then blamed it on democrats by paving the road to President-Elect Cheeto face.

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