John McCain Goes Stone Cold Tone Deaf

Last week President Obama visited a Veteran’s Administration hospital in Phoenix AZ. A hospital that has been the focus of issues with VA hospitals and healthcare. A hospital that is a long way from being ‘fixed’.

Senator John McCain (R – Arizona) was one of the other elected officials present during the presidents visit. Senator McCain was more than a little critical of the president and the lack of progress being made in getting the VA back on track:

Republicans who attended the session with the president, including Mr. Obama’s one-time presidential rival, Senator John McCain of Arizona, are dismissive of the president’s claims. They say that reforms in the enormous veterans health care system have been sluggish, and that many of the leaders who presided over the scandal are still in place.

In a statement after the session, Mr. McCain said that the meetings “served more as a photo-op for the president than it did a meaningful discussion of the challenges our veterans continue to face in getting the timely health care they have earned and deserve.”

Senator McCain? SHUT UP! Despite a distinguished career in Washington and overcoming the injuries he suffered as a prisoner of war during Viet Nam…he’s off base on this one. He has been a US Senator since 1987 (28 years) and a US Congressman before that (4 years).

So Senator McCain is also culpable for the issues and shortcomings of Veterans’ Affairs. Flat out his responsibility as much as anyone in Washington. 32 years responsible.

The president wasn’t the only one having a photo op moment!


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