Mike McCabe endorses Jeff Smith for DPW Chair

Mike McCabe, former Executive Director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and author of the book ” Blue Jeans in High Places ” has endorsed Jeff Smith for Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Here’s what McCabe had to say:

“Quite a few people who presumably are card-carrying members of DPW and are planning to attend the convention in June have asked me which of the announced candidates for state party chair best embodies the ideas in my book Blue Jeans in High Places. That would be Jeff Smith, by a longshot. Jeff knows how to relate to people in rural areas of the state that used to elect Democrats but now prefer the GOP. He not only knows how to talk to them, he’s shown he can win their trust and has been elected to represent voters in areas that have become so bright red. I can’t say I will vote for Jeff because I don’t have a vote in this election. I am not a party member and will not be a delegate at the convention. But I can say that Jeff Smith is without question the most “blue jean” of the candidates for state chair.”


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4 thoughts on “Mike McCabe endorses Jeff Smith for DPW Chair

  1. I’m currently reading Mr. McCabe’s book, and highly recommend it for everyone who frequents this site. It says some tough things that need to be said about our current political environment here in Wisconsin, and it’s extremely topical and current (I believe it was just released in January of this year). It is also critical of the failings of both parties, and isn’t just a “hurrah for progressives!” piece.

    His feelings on Jeff Smith match a lot of what I’ve been hearing, and my impression of him after meeting him a couple weeks ago.

  2. Not to be a downer.

    But what was the last thing that Mike McCabe won?

    It’s illegal for corporations to donate to campaigns now right?


    ok then.

    1. Yeah, I mean, the guy wasn’t able to single handedly get a constitutional amendment passed… Big time loser whose opinion is irrelevant, right?

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