Solving The Issues With The Veteran’s Administration Medical Care

Since the major combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan started winding down, there have been repeated and unsolved issues with providing adequate and timely healthcare for our veterans. Despite repeated assurances and varied lip service out of Washington, things just don’t seem to be getting better. Even with new rules allowing vets who live beyond a 40 mile radius of a VA hospital being allowed to get local medical help…it still isn’t working.

But there is a solution available. It is staring all of us in the face. The Democrats in Washington are afraid to whisper it and the Republicans don’t even have it in their nervous system.

But here it is: Single Payer Universal Healthcare.

Every veteran would automatically be eligible and we can reduce the VA hospitals and dump the money directly into single pay. We can shut down Obamacare and dump all of that cash into single pay. Same with Medicare and Medicaid.

And now is the best time to introduce it…just when the GOP is writing their budget to defund the Affordable Care Act and cut funds for Medicare and Medicaid…yeah we want to replace Obamacare too! With Single Payer Universal Healthcare!

Single Payer Universal Healthcare!!


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2 thoughts on “Solving The Issues With The Veteran’s Administration Medical Care

  1. Sounds great, but it’s “socialism.”

    Actually, I’ve had a half-joking theory for a while now that the Republican Party will someday pass universal single-payer to “finally kill Obamacare.”

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