Over at the AFSCME blog, Dave Patterson has an entry highlighting the hefty raise received by Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services Dir. Hector Colón, who saw his pay increase by 39% at a time when many of Milwaukee County’s rank-and-file workers have seen their take home pay stagnate or in many cases decrease.

Milwaukee County’s Department of Health and Human Services Dir. Hector Colón just received a 39 percent raise in pay recently thanks to Milwaukee County Exec. Chris Abele. But for the other 4,000 county workers, Abele can’t find a dime to spare.

“Chris Abele says he wants to reward good work but he forgets about the hard-working county employees who keep our roads safe, maintain our parks, ensure our water is clean and care for our elderly and most vulnerable,” said Boyd McCamish, executive director of AFSCME Milwaukee Council 48. “Like so many politicians, he’s preoccupied with rewarding his cronies.”

Colón’s raise of $48,682 put him at $175,000 with the stroke of Abele’s pin. There are now nine county managers who are paid more than $129,000, according to 2015 salary figures, and many were given raises without public notice.

At a time when many employees of Milwaukee County are struggling to make ends meet and have not had a meaningful raise, it’s galling to see one of Milwaukee County’s top officials getting a 39% raise.

2 Responses to AFSCME Blog: In Milwaukee County, Big Raises for Bosses, Nothing for Workers

  1. John Casper says:

    Zach, thanks. Instead of having to report to the Supervisors, Mr. Colon reports to a Mental Health Board.

    “Mental Health Takeover Bill Lacks Accountability: Appointed board members wouldn’t have to live in Milwaukee County or represent community”


    Not sure why that should merit a 39% raise.

  2. CJMcD says:

    “Not sure why that should merit a 39% raise.”

    Loyalty. Loyalty is rewarded.

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