Chris Christie takes shots at Gov. Scott Walker for flip-flopping to pander to voters

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve outlined some of the flip-flops Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has made during his career as a politician. At the time former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush had already started to take shots at Gov. Walker for his “evolving” positions on issues, and this report by Zeke Miller of Time Magazine noted that during a reception in Boca Raton, Florida on March 21, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took a few not-so-thinly veiled shots at Gov. Walker as well. (emphasis added)

“We need to make sure that we make our party bigger and broader than it’s been before,” Christie told a sunset gathering of about 250 donors who have given more than $15,000—and as much as $330,000—to the GOP. “And that’s not about pandering, it’s not about flip-flopping on issues.” Walker stood a few dozen feet away mingling with the well-heeled crowd. “People want folks who they believe believe in what they say and don’t change depending on what state they’re in,” Christie continued.

I really hope Gov. Walker continue to come under attack by his fellow Republicans for his numerous flip-flops during his career in politics, because it’s high time he be forced to answer questions about his propensity for shifting positions as it suits him.


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2 thoughts on “Chris Christie takes shots at Gov. Scott Walker for flip-flopping to pander to voters

  1. This internecine political warfare brings to mind the old saying, “The pot calling the kettle black.”

    I don’t know if Gov.”What false bridge repair and retribution” is as prone as Gov.”What illegal secret campaign network” in flip flopping, but I thought this old saying implying both are guilty of the same offense had more relevance to their physical characteristics.

    Thus; Christi= “pot” or largish girth while Walker= “kettle” or excessive hot air.

    Ether name is apt, but it’s a tough call which is worse; the “pot” or the “kettle.”

  2. Christie is just angry that Walker is an even more corrupt and economically failed governor as he is, but somehow has slid by based on being lesser-known and nationally investigated.

    As the key quote in this excellent Dom Noth column points out “If Walker was from the East Coast, he’d be a goner by now.” which is why it’s up to us to keep reminding people of just how dumb, dishonest, and underachieving Walker really is.

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