Daughter of conservative Supreme Court candidate has open OWI warrant from 2008

This is more than a little awkward.

Judge James Daley is running for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court – in part – on his reputation for developing an OWI court in Rock County.

But 27 News has learned Daley’s own daughter is wanted on an open arrest warrant for OWI charges that date back to 2008.

Judge Daley’s campaign told 27 News they have been aware of his daughter’s fugitive status from the beginning of his challenge to incumbent Justice Ann Walsh-Bradley, but chose not to disclose it.

Deputies for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office arrested Maureen E. Daley on two counts of third-offense OWI on April 14, 2008 after she allegedly ran her car into a ditch on Highway 12 in the Township of Koshkonong. She was 33 years-old at the time.

A criminal complaint states that when asked if she had been drinking, Maureen Daley told deputies “it’s obvious.” A blood test later showed Daley had a blood alcohol level of 0.304 – nearly four times the legal limit.

But Daley never made her initial court appearance set for June 9, 2008, causing Jefferson County Court Commissioner Jennifer Weston to issue a bench warrant for her arrest. That warrant is still open.


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6 thoughts on “Daughter of conservative Supreme Court candidate has open OWI warrant from 2008

  1. Zach, thanks.

    I’m sure Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling won’t be covering this.

  2. It’s too bad she couldn’t have pulled Susan Happ in court, she could have gotten those OWI’s plea bargained down to a first offense just like your good friend Graeme Zielinski!

    1. KBTY,

      It’s too bad she couldn’t have pulled Dennis Melowski into court, he could have gotten that OWI thrown out like he did for Randy Hopper.


  3. I will be concerned about the behavior of a daughter of a supreme court candidate. When the liberals on this board show some concern over the OUTRIGHT LIE that Bradley said related to the Prosser “choking” incident.

    1. jharp, you’re not a conservative. If you were, you’d be asking why, if Justice Bradley made statements that were false, incomplete, or inaccurate, didn’t Justice Prosser use the criminal justice system to hold her accountable?

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