Scott Walker’s budget to cut funding to fight water pollution by 16%

In yet another example of how awful Gov. Scott Walker’s latest biennial budget is for the State of Wisconsin, a new report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes his most recent budget cuts funding to fight water pollution by 16%.

As worries grow about water pollution caused by runoff from streets, yards and farm fields, Gov. Scott Walker’s next budget calls for nearly 16% in spending cuts in programs that attack the problem.

Combined with how lax the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been in regards to enforcement actions against polluters since Gov. Walker took office, this latest revelation shows that the foxes truly are guarding the henhouse when it comes to the protection of Wisconsin’s environment.


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1 thought on “Scott Walker’s budget to cut funding to fight water pollution by 16%

  1. Zach, thanks. Even conservatives, who understand that “conserve,” is the root of “conservative,” are angry about this.

    “Champions of conservation decry environmental March Madness”

    “…A pair of Milwaukee-area men who have descended from state conservation royalty have a unique story to tell that combines hardwood history and deep concern about the 2015-’17 budget.

    Chris Noyes of River Hills is a partner at the law firm of Godfrey & Kahn and past board member of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. Haskell Noyes III of Mequon sells insurance products for Robertson Ryan & Associates and has served on numerous conservation boards and committees.

    Both are hunters, anglers and all-around outdoorsmen.

    Their grandfather, Haskell Noyes, was a Milwaukee businessman who at one time used his own funds to outfit the state’s wardens. He also worked in the 1920s with Aldo Leopold, William Aberg and others to create the Wisconsin Conservation Commission. Haskell Noyes was inducted into the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame in 2000.

    Chris and Haskell III and other family members keep alive the tradition of the Haskell Noyes Efficiency Award, also known as “The Watch,” an annual award given to the state’s top field warden.

    But now, with the budget being reviewed by the Joint Finance Committee, they’d like to get another message across. Here’s their letter titled, “March Madness for Natural Resources.”

    “Our grandfather, Haskell Noyes Sr., was captain of the Yale basketball team and coached the UW-Madison and Yale basketball teams. We’re sure he’d be proud of Bo Ryan’s Badgers.

    “But we’re just as sure he’d be appalled by Gov. Walker’s disregard for our natural resources in his recent budget proposal, which lends new meaning to March Madness.

    “Our grandfather understood the value in having places where we can hunt, hike, fish, boat, and just simply take in the beauty of our wondrous outdoors. He successfully advocated for one of the core underpinnings of Wisconsin’s natural resource management: That we keep politics out of our wildlife and resource decisions.

    “It’s because of that core belief that Wisconsin’s natural resource management has long been the envy of many other states….”

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