Scott Walker’s dumb April Fool’s Day tweet

As noted by Jose DelReal of the Washington Post, Gov. Scott Walker’s best attempt at a little April Fool’s Day humor fell completely flat.

Some try to wish April Fool’s Day away. Others do their best to ignore it. Then there are those who embrace the day’s possibilities.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is one of those people.

So on Wednesday morning, Walker’s tweet that he would make a “big announcement” later in the day essentially had a *wink wink* tacked on at the end.

There was no chance Scott Walker was going to announce his all-but-certain White House bid, or anything else of substance. Still, political reporters — like this one — nonetheless had to tune in to Walker’s announcement. Would he — could he — actually make some news on the least trustworthy news day of the year?

He would not. Get it? April Fool’s.

For the record, here’s Gov. Walker’s April Fool’s Day tweet.

And I know I’m biased, but here’s on of my favorite responses to Gov. Walker’s dumb April Fool’s Day tweet, courtesy of my better half.


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