The Trolls Are Already Running Amok Over Hillary Clinton

I have a Facebook politician page left over from my campaign for Milwaukee School Board back on 2011. It’s been a quiet backwater since then…a place to repost my Blogging Blue efforts and articles of interest around politics, foreign policy, economy, education, etc. The sort of stuff I rant about around here.

Recently I posted about the magical mystery tour campaign that I and a few equally unlevel headed progressives bandied about the past two years…heading out to New Hampshire to run up and down the state in a Trolley Bus just before the Democratic primary…suggesting that I have a few better ideas.

So with great aplomb, I reposted a number of links to articles relating Ms. Clinton’s entry into the fray as my first official opponent. It didn’t take but minutes before people who I have never heard of from around the country found my little page and blasted Ms. Clinton.

She’s that much of a threat that they followed a link to my site to diss her? Really?

Maybe I really should run!

BTW 1: I will post a few things here and there on this site under the heading Campaign 16, relating my positions if I were a candidate.

BTW 2: Hillary stole my drive around to meet real people gig…but instead of a trolley bus she is using a mini-van…so I guess I have had at least one good idea this campaign season already!


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4 thoughts on “The Trolls Are Already Running Amok Over Hillary Clinton

  1. Well, actually, that is what trolls do. That’s it. They are capable, fortunately for the rest of us, of nothing else.

  2. “Astroturfing” is a very real phenomena. I noticed at one forum I frequent that after about 8 PM on Election Night in November 2012, suddenly a bunch of right wing posters disappeared, never to be heard from again.

  3. It will be interesting to see if Walker’s announcement today supporting Obombya’s TTIP proposed trade deal with the EU, draws any ire from the never-ever-be-for-anything-from-Barry crowd.

    Could be some hair-on-fire twisted illogic coming from that for our entertainment, ceratinly not for any actual enlightenment. LOL!

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