Vandals topple the gravestone of Hillary Clinton’s father

From the files of, “stay classy, conservatives” comes comes this note about the vandals desecrating the gravestone of Hugh Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s father.

The gravestone of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s father has been found toppled over at a Pennsylvania cemetery.

Police say vandals may be responsible for upending the gravestone of Hugh Rodham in the Washburn Street Cemetery in Scranton.

Notably the gravestone for Hugh Rodham was upended just two days after Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president.


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12 thoughts on “Vandals topple the gravestone of Hillary Clinton’s father

  1. I got a great morning laugh from the incongruity of any link containing the words “walker” and “intellect” together.

  2. How can we be so sure that the vandals that knocked over a grave stone were Conservative in nature… Perhaps they were family members of those that were killed in Benghazi when Hillary refused more security. Maybe they were the countless Women that Hillary’s Husband RAPED. Lets play “Stay Classy” a little with areas that are a little less ambiguous.

    “Milwaukee County Voters Just Elected The Tire-Slashing Son of Congreswoman Moore to the County Board”…

    Stay classy LIBERALS.

    “Suspect ID’d in double homicide after crash that killed toddler”

    Stay classy Inner City Milwaukee.

    1. jharp,

      Are you exonerating your pals on Wall Street, who are the biggest “welfare queens”?

      “Bank Of America Dumps $75 Trillion In Derivatives On U.S. Taxpayers With Federal Approval”

      To put $75 trillion in perspective, US GDP in 2012 was around $16.5 trillion. We blew a lot more than the $6 trillion they’re claiming in Iraq and Afghanistan. Social Security’s Trust Fund is around $2.3 trillion. Bank of America is just one Wall Street bank. They all have derivative exposure. I’ve seen estimates of $700 trillion, but I don’t think anyone knows.

      If so, I agree. I don’t think Wall Street had anything to do with this vandalism.

      Since you maligned the relatives of Benghazi victims, why not these folks?

      “Unworthy victims: Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990”

      “…Undisputed UN figures show that 1.7 million Iraqi civilians died due to the West’s brutal sanctions regime, half of whom were children….”

      I don’t agree with Ron Paul about much, but he’s right about our Middle Eastern occupations, they only increase the threat of domestic terrorism.

      “Foreign Occupation Leads to More Terror”

      1. There you go with facts, reason and logic that won’t be read or acknowledged and cannot ever trump dogma and unfounded supposition.

        1. While facts, reason and logic are important, they must be applied to the issue at hand. Or are you willing to concede every past and future argument to me because the official state bird of Alabama is, in fact, the Yellowhammer.

          1. Denis,

            W/R/T “facts, reason, and logic,” how do they fit blogging under the names of real people, who you are impersonating?

            “Charles Kuehn
            December 7, 2014 at 9:43 pm · Reply


            The fellow who is posting as “Denis Navatril” and at least two other identities here has, by his repeated use of several key phrases (“Wow, just wow.”; “Seriously ___, get some help.”; “. . . so I will spell it out for you . . .”; others too numerous to mention), convinced me he is the same troll posting as “Jim Halpert” on the news site of WEAU TV, Eau Claire. I suggest going to and clicking on, among others, any story containing “Walker” in its title. Read any/all comments by Mr. “Halpert.” You will see what I mean.

            This individual also posts under several dozen other names on WEAU’s site, creating a slightly different personality for each, and while his phrasing here is closest to that of Mr. “Halpert,” the signature tone of disrespect and his straw man tactics are readily discernible as coming from the same individual. I’m assuming you can see my email address; if you want a list of the other names this individual uses on WEAU, email me and I will reply with one.

            In my opinion, removing this guy from this blog would be beneficial to all concerned. His presence here over the past week or so has gotten you all pretty riled up. I submit that you cannot win an argument with this individual. He will just continue to insult you, divert the discussion, and avoid directly addressing your comments. Please bid him adieu. Thank you.”


          2. Thanks JC,

            Yes, I was surprised at first to see that a John Harper actually survived the sinking of the Titanic. But in doing so if he saved a 5-yr-old child, dog bless em.

          3. If the entity representing the name D N ever presents an actual argument I will reserve my judgement to that instance. So, with nothing left to do here, I shall proceed to something worthwhile.

            I’m still wondering why certain commentators are still allowed to drag down and impede intelligent discussion on this site.

      2. What the heck are you talking about? Are the wall street elite behing Hillary’s dad’s gravestone toppling???

        Yeah Hillary will fix it… She hates wall street fat cats.

  3. I am not a supporter of Hillary Clinton at all, but doing something like is totally uncalled for and unexcusable. I really can’t help but wonder because of her shady past, if this may have been staged by Hillary herself (or someone that she had to do it) to gain sympathy/votes from American voters…

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