Apologies for the inconvenience…

As many of you no doubt noticed, Blogging Blue was out of commission most of today while I worked on some updates and behind-the-scenes technical stuff.

The blog is back up and running, but a number of posts & comments are in the process of being recovered, as they were lost during the update. If any of you notice any other technical issues, please let me know so I can remedy them.



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2 thoughts on “Apologies for the inconvenience…

  1. Best of luck on the updates and new format. My young adult is up on these sorts of technical web issues. I keep suggesting that competition for this sort of work is getting tougher and paying less with competition from third world communities that respect education and US labor more than Barry Obombya, Scott Walker and the Republicon legislators do.

    1. To be fair, President Obama just thinks education is the end all, be all. In his mind, educational access is all we need to compete whilst China protects its industries AND educates its populace. Walker and his ilk don’t even believe in education at all. I wonder just how easy Walker’s path would be were it not for the wingnut welfare? Had he gone to the UW schools, he might actually have more choices outside of pandering and subservience. I have an all-UW education and as a result, I’ve enjoyed a bounty of choices and the freedom of a strong career, income and benefits. This is what Wisconsin’s WISGOP wishes to destroy for our kids – choice and freedom.

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