Beau Biden dead at 46

This is tragic.

Beau Biden, the former Delaware attorney general and son of Vice President Joe Biden, died Saturday, the vice president’s office announced.
The cause was brain cancer. He had been in treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center for the past few weeks. He was 46.


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1 thought on “Beau Biden dead at 46

  1. I wouldn’t wish Joe Biden’s horrific family loses on my worst enemy. But, with the danger of sticking my foot in my mouth again, I have to say that the tragedies have given the Vice President a unique compassion and fortitude that he may never have acquired otherwise. I would very much like to see him make a run for the presidency in 2016. Though Mrs. Clinton is a slam dunk for the job, he would certainly have my commitment and IMNSHO would make a better president than anyone I can think of.

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