Discuss: which DPW Chair candidate are you supporting and why?

As some of you may have guessed, I haven’t made up my mind on which of the five candidates for DPW Chair I’m supporting. Each of the candidates has strengths and weaknesses, and I’ve heard persuasive arguments from their supporters on why each of the candidates is the right choice.

So here’s a bit of an open thread so you all can discuss who you’re supporting and why, because I’d like to hear from you all. However, please try to give reasons why you’re for a specific candidate, not a list of why you’re against a candidate.


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3 thoughts on “Discuss: which DPW Chair candidate are you supporting and why?

  1. Republicans have been successful with their messaging that government is bad, inefficient, expensive, too large, and too intrusive. That message has to be challenged not with arguments necessarily about how government is good but with effective messaging that we need to change government so that it serves all of us and not just a privileged few.

    We must work hard to get all people to vote. Wisconsin has about 4.4 million eligible voters. About 3.4 million are registered to vote and on average only about 2.4 million actually vote on a consistent basis!? I believe that the 2 million who do not vote consistently are made up of a large group of politically disenchanted who are cynical of what our “bought” democracy has become.

    I believe that Martha Laning has the best credentials to move the state Democratic Party forward with the kind of messaging that will bring both the active party members and the disenchanted non-voters together to once again have a strong party that will work for a better future for Wisconsin.

    Her progressive pragmatic approach to dealing with past projects have demonstrated her skills in bringing people together to solve problems and getting things done. This was true in her business experiences and also with her non-profit fundraising experiences.

    Her recent Wisconsin Senate campaign in the 9th District has given her a wealth of experiences that will serve her well (and us) as head of the State Democratic Party. This was her first such experience and it has given her many elements of a plan to once again give the Democratic Party the strength and effective strategies to build an organization that will help regain our Wisconsin values for all of our citizens.

  2. I’m supporting Jason Rae for a few reasons.
    1) I know him. He’s been around the County Party longer than I have, and is as active as they come.
    2) He has experience in urban and rural politics.
    3) He is based in Milwaukee, the economic driver of the state and the most populous region of the state.
    4) Many people I trust have expressed their support for his candidacy as chair, and that goes a long way.
    5) His commitment to defining the party by what we support and not what we’re against is a solid strategy to win over disenchanted working-class voters.
    6) His camp hasn’t resorted to wild accusations about his opponents as other candidates’ teams have.

    Just my two cents.

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