Martha Laning: My Story (VIDEO)

I found this on YouTube and I thought it was worth sharing for those of you who might still be undecided about which candidate to support in the race to become the next Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.


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1 thought on “Martha Laning: My Story (VIDEO)

  1. I gotta say I really don’t care to hear the ” you’re not poor if you have ice cream in the fridge ” business one more damn time, or how her Dad grew up in a dirt floor poor house, any more than I want to hear how Jason Rae was riding his bike to county party meetings before he was old enough to vote, or how Mary Burke used to live in the same house where her grandfather delivered mail. Where do these candidates get this stuff? Who tells them to say ridiculous stuff like this? Consultants? Moreover, how do I get hired by one of these consulting firms because if someone will pay me big bucks I could come up with this kind of ridiculous crap all day long.

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