Republicans in Legislature move to usurp local control yet again

What could possibly go wrong with turning over responsibility for Dane County’s water quality plan to Republicans?

In a surprise move Tuesday, Republicans on the Legislature’s budget committee turned over responsibility for developing Dane County’s water quality plan to Gov. Scott Walker’s administration, but left the state’s 71 other counties alone.

Democrats bristled at the idea of Republicans writing a separate set of rules that target the most liberal county in Wisconsin while leaving the rest of the state alone.

“I know you don’t like Madison, but this is no way to show it,” Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) told Republicans on the committee.

The measure’s sponsor, Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green), said he put forward the measure at the behest of developers but claimed he couldn’t recall their names.

“I don’t even remember who they were,” he said. “We had a couple meetings with a couple people.”

I don’t know about you, but the fact that Sen. Marklein couldn’t even remember the names of the developers for whom he’s working so hard is pretty galling, and it’s a clear example of exactly what’s wrong with our state government.


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9 thoughts on “Republicans in Legislature move to usurp local control yet again

  1. This is a perfect example of the kind of government that has been installed in our state over the past 4 years. Any developer or donor can get a bill passed for their benefit but the people of this state are not even given the courtesy of representation. With Walker’s group it’s politics before people and greed above need.

    1. Way to go, Jerry!

      This tyranny” and “unfettered capitalism” is what Pope Francis is condemning in his message, “The Joy of the Gospel.”

      “Walker’s group” is just not bad; they are immoral! They are harming humanity, today and the future, people; the men, women, and children of Wisconsin.

  2. Enough already; the time has come for the people’s revolution against privatization!

    We have had enough of those such as our corrupt governor and piss ant politicians such as Marklein serving the greed of “unfettered capitalism”. We need to return power to the people and our Constitution.

    The economic “tyranny” of Walker and his immoral legislative enablers in the pay of Koch and other greed merchants must be exposed, challenged, and overturned day and night as well as on land, the sea, and in the air. In other words; every where, all the time!

    It is right and just!

  3. This plan is racist, sexist and homophobic. It is really basically against the very laws of humanity. I’m astounded and amazed and do not think this is a trivial matter. It is unjust, unwise and unfare. History will mark this tragedy for future generations to see. I’m contipated about this.

    1. How about just plain bad? Calling it “dumb” would give the Republicans too much of an excuse, besides being an insult to dumb people (who need clean water too!). “Corrupt” would be o.k., though — corrupt is a choice. “Punitive” describes an intention. “Deceitful” could be an action or a demeanor; in this case it seems to be a strategy employed by corrupt politicians to pass a punitive measure in order to exact some petty revenge for some suspiciously unnamed (forgotten? really? not at campaign donation time!) developers.

  4. Some enterprising journalist should file and open records request for Sen. Marklein’s daily meeting schedules.
    “We had a couple meetings with a couple people” sounds kinda mafia-ish.

    1. Here Here Sue!

      There there is no way this wasn’t rigged from the begining.

      No No way.

      We need leaders with integrity like Hillary Clinton.

      Hillary will lead us, she will show us the way.

      Like a well tuned piano Hillary will hit all the right notes.


      WATER!!! Management of WATER.

      1. Although I support Hillary, we don’t need her or anyone else, last of all Walker or his legislators, to dictate to our local elected officials or privatize local or municipal water, sewage, recycling, electric plants or other such facilities.

        Darth Vader is a good guy compared to Walker, Marklein, and the rest of the GOP corrupt creeps.

  5. Who wants to bet it was with Nestle or another company gunning for water because Cali is going dry?

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