Republicans propose elimination of tax funding for state parks

Could this be a prelude to a Republican selloff of Wisconsin’s State Parks?

State tax funding for Wisconsin’s state parks would be zeroed out and user fees would go up under a plan approved by Republicans on the Legislature’s budget committee Thursday.

Republicans agreed with Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to cut more than $4.5 million in state funding from the parks each year. They would would make up part of that money by increasing fees on park users and campers. Hazelhurst Republican Sen. Tom Tiffany said that made sense.

“The people that utilize a service, they should pay for that service,” said Tiffany.

However, the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau found there are no other state park systems that are entirely self-sufficient. Democratic Rep. Chris Taylor of Madison said trying to do it in Wisconsin was reckless.


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6 thoughts on “Republicans propose elimination of tax funding for state parks

  1. So we have no living wage jobs and only retail and fast food wages for the jobs Walker and his legislators can take credit for and now the state parks will only be accessible to those who can afford the increased fees. Looks like Walker and friends continue to stick it to those with too little and give our parks and environment to those who have much.

  2. This is the first step in selling state resources which Walker already has the sole power to do. His first term legislators granted him the power.

    Defunding the state parks creates a disaster with management and repair of facilities, private capital comes to the, “rescue,” as unfunded government control predictably fails. Parks and the tourist industry which depends on them, are soon gone or suffering.

    Public trust natural resources are then sold. This is as close to TREASON as a state government can get.

    Disaster Capitalism.

    1. Agreed! As far as TREASON goes, this is some of the most treasonish treasonery that I have ever been witness to. I would not hesitate to go as far to say that without a shadow of a doubt that this entire episode can would and should constitute an unequivicle breach of the good faith and trust of our statehood.

    2. Why doesn’t Walker and his legislative goof balls just privatize or sell them to the Mining industry or the Koch brats. The money could be used by WEDC for more give-aways to Walker supporters. It’s a win-win.

        1. Thanks MaseM,

          Let us know when they bring up judicial prosecution for rules and other legal infractions. Then we’d maybe believe in their, “seriousness.”

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