6 thoughts on “Russ Feingold is running for U.S. Senate in 2016! (VIDEO)

  1. It would be great to see Russ take back his seat from the ignorant imbecile Rojo. But don’t bet the farm on it happening. Here’s why: It’s not a stretch to compare Russ’ erstwhile popularity and tenure to that of the legendary William Proxmire. And given that lofty status, it is quite a stretch to believe that Russ could be defeated, even in the context of a “Republican sweep,” by a lightweight newcomer like Johnson. Diebold at work, of course. Look for more of the same this round.

      1. Tommy had run his course. Locking out the ability of US health care providers from purchasing drugs where quality and price were factors to be able to be taken into consideration while overseeing this issue during his HHS federal gig, locked Tommy T out on that one. Not all that many of the poor and elderly are Alzheimer certified patients unable to recognize an enemy.

      2. One could surmise that they choose their “battles.” Russ is a heavy hitter who quietly gets things done. Thus he’s dangerous to the ideological agenda of the Right, and had to go; Baldwin, all her good intentions notwithstanding, is mostly a warm and fuzzy name with no real clout, not perceived as any real threat.

  2. Ron Johnson’s response to this news was pretty laughably bad and hyperbolic. I hope Wisconsin voters have learned their lesson since 2010.

  3. Never too early to get a campaign into gear. It would be nice to hear the MSM report a bit more about what decent and humane good Russ was engaged in for about 18 months in Africa, instead of lying about whether he was running for an important political office to to skirt closer public scrutiny and to build a financial campaign war-chest as Walker is doing.

    Let us not forget the esteemed recognition that US, “Senator,” Ronald Johnson has earned by just opening his mouth in office thus far and is also the largely unreported example where he trounced the illustrious Ted Cruz. From a 2014 poll of the staffers who are obliged to work for these people:


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