Scott “Big Government” Walker supports NSA domestic spying program

As he continues to campaign for president in New Hampshire, Republican Gov. Scott Walker said he does not support changes to the PATRIOT Act that would end the National Security Agency’s ability to spy on Americans, putting him at odds with every Republican in Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation, not to mention anyone who values privacy and the Bill of Rights.

Governor and likely presidential candidate Scott Walker made clear on a political swing to New Hampshire that he does not support a House bill that bans the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance program, suggesting the measure goes too far in limiting the government’s ability to monitor phone records.

But that position puts him at odds with his state’s senior GOP member of Congress, Jim Sensenbrenner, who wrote the bill, known as the USA Freedom Act.

“I was absolutely surprised” to hear of the governor’s position, Sensenbrenner said in an interview Saturday, “because all of the Wisconsin Republicans in Congress have voted for it and publicly expressed support for it.”

Wisconsin’s five GOP House members and its one GOP senator, Ron Johnson, have all voted for the Sensenbrenner bill.

Touted by its supporters as a compromise between competing security and privacy concerns, it ends the bulk collection of Americans’ call records but renews provisions of the Patriot Act that are otherwise scheduled to lapse.

Scott Walker’s support for the NSA spying program is yet more proof that Gov. Walker is most definitely NOT a small government conservative. After all, in addition to supporting government intrusion into our lives through the NSA’s spying program, he has pushed an agenda here in Wisconsin that has led to state government usurping local control, that has government intruding into decisions that should be left to women and their doctors, and that has seen our state’s budget spend more money than any time in our state’s history.

Scott Walker is a big government conservative, and he’s a hypocrite for claiming to be anything other than that.


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