Earlier tonight I wrote about Republican Josh Duggar’s admission he sexually molested juvenile females approximately 12 years ago. On the heels of that revelation, I thought this photo of Josh Duggar and Gov. Scott Walker palling around together was pertinent.

4 Responses to Scott Walker & child molester Josh Duggar palling around

  1. John Harper says:

    Look! It’s @HillaryClinton palling around with a serial RAPIST! (Bill Clinton)

    Look! It’s @BillClinton palling around with a Child Molesting Sex Slave owning PEDOPHILE! (Jeff Epstein)

    Look! It’s @Obama palling around with a known DOMESTIC TERRORIST! (Bill Ayers)

    Look! It’s a bunch of Hypocrites! (Blogging Blue contributors)

  2. nonquixote says:

    History repeats itself. This is something that should be putting Walker on the family values hot-seat amongst his supporters but will likely go unexamined:



    One wonders if Scooter instinctively picks people whom he somehow assesses character “flaws,” in and that he can exploit to his advantage with threat of job termination or threats of negative personal public exposure. With this photo op, he sees only a cash ladened contributor and someone with a large social media following to exploit for campaign support. I doubt the family values wing of the wing-nut faction is going to take too much notice. Walker certainly isn’t showing any family values morality judgement here.

  3. fred says:

    Shouldn’t we give credit to One Wisconsin Now who Tweeted this hours earlier ??

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