Sen. Bernie Sanders explains what it will take to get the “Hillary wing” of Democratic Party to pay attention to a populist message

During a recent interview with Bill Moyers, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders explained what he thinks it will take to get the “Hillary wing of the Democratic party” to pay attention to the power of a populist message.


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7 thoughts on “Sen. Bernie Sanders explains what it will take to get the “Hillary wing” of Democratic Party to pay attention to a populist message

  1. I remember seeing this interview. Sanders is right on. The Democrat who can win is the one who excites the voters and is someone they can trust. Sanders record will do that. I believe he will win if he can get the nomination. Time to find out whom the candidates for state chair support.

  2. Yes,@Duane12, talking about Hillary as an elitist seems incorrect if you remember her much criticized effort to bring in health care for all. That criticism had its effect,however,in that both she and Bill realized that without money backing nothing got done. Has she now realized it’s time to recover that populist advocacy. I’m afraid that, like Bill, she’ll follow the polls.

    1. Cat Kin, with the advent of Citizens United it’s a new game, especially a money game changing the rules. The guy or gal who has the most big bucks and backing of fat-cats wins. Hillary has had to adapt to the new game. I don’t blame her.

      The 1939, Jimmy Stewart movie, “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” suggesting logic and justice and humanity prevails in Washington is reduced to a fairy tale, if not laughable by today’s Congressional ethics of “play to pay,” unlimited funding by SCOTUS and it’s granting soul-less status to corporate contributions.

      1. The populace knows that Hillary is not going to take a bullet for principal. But they also know that she favors a democratic platform and will do whatever she can to promote that platform–as the President has done. She is going to take a lot of grief from the bigotted Republicans for anything–as the President has done. But, should we elect another George W. Bush to the presidency, all the great work that Obama has done for this country and the world will once again be eaten up and our Democracy may not survive this time.

    1. From Black Agenda report another take on what is behind the Sanders “candidacy.” A person to divert progressive Democrats’ attentions from any other potentially serious third party moves against the 1%’s choice as ruler. Moyers is making similar inferences in this segment of the entire interview from October 2014 with Sanders.

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