The perks of being a million dollar donor to Scott Walker

I guess it really pays to be a big donor to Gov. Scott Walker’s burgeoning presidential campaign and the political action committees supporting that campaign.

What does a million-dollar political donor get for his or her money these days?

The answer is spelled out in great detail in a handout from the super PAC supporting Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s potential presidential bid.

Among the perks:

Twice-a-year retreats, members-only briefings, weekly email updates, members-only conference calls, a dedicated staff contact, two private dinners with “VIP Special Guest(s),” inclusion in “all public/regional fundraising events,” and a special “Executive Board Member” pin.

Those benefits are itemized in a handout from Unintimidated PAC, the committee launched by longtime Walker advisers, to people attending a private reception with the governor that was held by the PAC in Washington, D.C., Tuesday.

The perks for $500,000 and $250,000 donors are also itemized. They are similar but more modest. People who give $500,000, for example, don’t get the members-only briefings. And they get just one VIP dinner, not two.

Walker spent Tuesday holding private meetings in Washington with GOP members of Congress, lobbyists, evangelical leaders and others.

The closed-door PAC reception was not a fundraiser, but the menu of donor perks distributed to guests is a testament to the wide-open fundraising landscape in this presidential cycle.


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